June 24, 2024

The pilot of Marilia Mendonca’s plane reported the landing procedures twice

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The pilot of Marilia Mendonca's plane reported the landing procedures twice

The pilot of the flight that transported singer Marilia Mendonca de Goiania to Piedade de Caratinga in Minas Gerais, Geraldo Martins de Medeiros Jr., communicated four times on the local radio frequency, two of which were informed of the landing procedures. Information from the newspaper O Globo.

The report exclusively heard a pilot from the region who was driving a single-engine in Vicosa to the same destination and time, and claimed that the plane’s pilot repeated twice that he would initiate landing procedures, called “wind leg”, in technical aviation parlance.

“He said he was catching a ‘wind leg’ and after about 20 seconds he came back to say he was catching ‘wind leg 02’, which means he started standard landing procedures. This is not an anomaly as pilots can,” said the pilot, who prefers to remain anonymous. Extend the landing time a little.

Also according to Globo, the pilot, who works for local businessmen, testified before the bodies responsible for investigating possible causes of the accident, including Seripa (Regional Services for the Investigation and Prevention of Aviation Accidents).

He says that on first contact, Giraldo said he was flying at 12,500 feet and 44 feet.

“It is a compatible altitude for the location. I wondered if it was 44 miles or 44 minutes away. I asked when I was going to the same airport and I needed to estimate the landing. He replied that it was 44 miles away,” he said.

The pilot landed normally at Karatinga Airport, unaware of the accident. A few minutes later, he was notified by cell phone of the plane crash that killed singer Marilia Mendonca and four other people, including the pilot and co-pilot.

“I thought it had landed normally. On the ground, I asked the team about the other plane and they said there was no further landing. Five minutes later my cell phone started ringing. Friends were asking me if I was okay. That’s how I found out about the crash,” the pilot said.

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