February 28, 2024

Palmeiras beat Gucerense and advance to the round of 16

the Palm trees They beat Gucerinense 4-0 tonight (14th) at the Anesio Haddad Stadium in Copenhagen. The goals of the match were scored by Ruan Ribeiro, Henry, Kevin Man of the Match and Quan Santos.

  • The match was valid for the third stage of Sao Paulo Cup;
  • Palmeiras secured its place in the round of 16 of the competition And he will face Mirasol.
  • With the result, Alviverde Paulista continues his 100% success in Copenha;

How was the game

  • Palmeiras started the game by pressing hard and creating more chances that they knew how to take advantage of;
  • Alviverde’s team was on top throughout the matchbut Juazeirense managed to bring some danger to the Aranha goal;
  • The highlight of the game was Kevin, with two assists, a goal and many beautiful shots.

Key goals and shots

From 1 to 0. Kevin made a nice move on the left, escaping three markers and crossing low. Rowan made it to the entrance of the small area and crossed, with plenty of classification, to open the scoring.

2 to 0. Another pass from Kevin, who had a great game. This time, he lifted the ball into the penalty area with a free kick in the middle and found Henry. Even without an angle, the captain’s header went between the goalkeeper and the crossbar only to end up at the back of the net.

On the beam! Pedro Lima made a good move and Ruan Ribeiro finished off a cross and pulled it past the goalkeeper. The ball hit the inside of the crossbar and there was no one to bounce back. Verdau hardly found the net again.

3 to 0. The third goal came from my feet. The name of the game: Kevin! David crossed bottom to mid and cut Peterson badly. The ball was left to the number 11 player who controlled the ball by tweaking it and crossing it without any opportunity to defend.

Save the spider! Thiago Rafael Take the free kick into the top corner and the goalkeeper Palmeiras did go to get it To avoid what would be the first target for Juazeirense.

4 to 0. Kawan Santos took advantage of Emerson’s hesitation in midfield and quickly advanced and blocked Chacon’s exit to score Palmeiras’ fourth goal of the match.

data sheet:

Palmeiras 4×0 JUAZEIRENSE-BA

competition: The third stage of the Sao Paulo Cup
date and time: January 14, 2022, 9:45 PM (Brasilia time)
Place: Anisio Haddad Stadium in Sao Jose do Rio Preto
Yellow cards: Leo Bahia (JUA), Emerson (JUA), Joe (JUA), Talisca (BAL), Pedro Felipe (BAL), Edni (BAL), Kwan Santos (BAL), Joao Luiz (Goa), Lucas Serravalle (GOA)
Objectives: Ruan Ribeiro (30′ – Q1), Henri (51′ – Q1), Kevin (13′ – Q2) and Kauan Santos (42′ – Q2)

Palm trees: Arana, Henry (Pedro), Talisca, Ian, Leo (Patrick), Pedro Lima (Estefao), David, Ruan Ribeiro, Kevin (Kawan Santos), Edni (Gilberto) and Alan (Fitino). Technical: Paolo Victor

JUAZEIRENSE-BA: Chacon, Joe (Eduardo), Diego Motta, Peterson, Pablo (shrimp), Emerson, Christian (Joao Luiz), Marcelo Dorado (Tiago Rafael), Leo Bahia, Diego Costa (Lucas Serravalle) and Ramon (Jayer). Technical: Rodrigo Guimarães