December 9, 2022
Palmeiras is the third most unbeaten streak in Brazilian history by running points

Palmeiras is the third most unbeaten streak in Brazilian history by running points

Palmeiras strives to be the best team at home (Photo: Cesar Greco / Palmeiras)

Photo: launch!

Closer and closer to winning the title Brazilian ChampionshipHey Palm trees He campaigns strongly in competition. In addition to striving for the trophy, Abel Ferreira’s team reached important milestones in the tournament.

One of them is the indomitable sequence that Verdão is currently carrying. after victory Atlético PR in the last round, Palm trees He reached 19 consecutive matches without defeat and tied Corinthians 2017, the third largest chain in the history of Brazil in terms of operating points.

Palmeiras’ last defeat in the competition was in the fifteenth round, specifically against Atletico-PR. Since then, there have been 13 victories and six draws, which equates to a full match unbeaten.

After leaving the Atlético PR labels in 2004, Atletico MG 2021 and Sao Paulo 2008, who have gone 18 unbeaten matches in the competition, Abel Ferreira’s team is only behind Palmeiras 2018 (23 matches) and flamingo 2019 (24 matches). All of these campaigns ended with the title, something Verdão came close to beating for the eleventh time.

Until the end of the Brazilian League, the current team of Palmeiras can equal the 10th championship mark. Therefore, the team needs to remain undefeated in the last four remaining matches. Verdao still faces Fortaleza, Cuiaba, America MG And International until the end of the competition.

With 74 points, Palmeiras has a 10-point advantage over the vice captain of Internacional and could confirm the title next Wednesday. If Colorado falters against America-MG, in Belo Horizonte, Verdau will be a champion before even entering the field against Fortaleza.

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