June 24, 2024

Palmeiras is working on the management transition and discussing planning for 2022; see priorities | Palm trees

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Palmeiras is working on the management transition and discussing planning for 2022;  see priorities |  Palm trees

After two seasons of shy performance in the market, Palm trees He must work even harder to strengthen the team led by president Leila Pereira, who officially starts on the 15th but has already been moving in the daily life of the football academy since the beginning of this week.

Access to the center forward and at least one other option to defend has always been a priority of Ferdow’s planning.

Palmeiras coach Abel Ferreira and Leila Pereira in the club’s cup room – Photo: clone

In 2021, Palmeiras residents tried to recruit Rafael Santos Puri, Valentin Castellanos and Ademir, but no negotiations were successful. Apple Ferreira’s main goal has always been to have another striker at the center of the attack, as well as a quick left-handed striker.

In recent years, Palmyra’s board of directors has mapped the South American market in search of smaller, cheaper options. Through this policy, Uruguayan full-back Matias Fina and Joaquin Bequerez arrived, praising the backstage signings at the club.

But the options for the right side, such as Colombian Daniel Muñoz and Argentine Marcelo Herrera, are not over yet.

One of the signatures noticed in the South American market was Péquerz – Photo: César Greco

Hiring another defender, preferably a left-handed one, has always been Abel Ferreira’s wish. In the 2020 season, Verdau had the Allan Emperor, but the defender left the club after the loan ended. After the holiday, the people of Palmyra discussed the possibility of investing in the arrival of Internacional’s Victor Cuesta, but the deal did not go ahead.

If Felipe Melo does not renew, the sector will have another embezzlement because the steering wheel has been improvised in defense on some occasions. Other options are Gustavo Gómez, Luan, Kuscevic and Renan.

There is no word yet on who will be Director of Football in 2022 – Anderson Barros has a contract until December And the club wants to keep it He will take on the name Verdao, the chief football officer of the Leila Pereira administration, as Vice President Paolo Bossi. The board is also working to determine the statuses of Jailson and Felipe Melo, who have a contract through December.

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