June 14, 2024

Roger Geddes confirms his rejection of Arabia, “hands over” the Gremio family and defends the Corinthians fans | Corinthians

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Roger Geddes confirms his rejection of Arabia, "hands over" the Gremio family and defends the Corinthians fans |  Corinthians

About to complete the Brazilian championship role with CorinthiansRóger Guedes is focused on finishing the season well and is already anticipating next year. For this, they will have two matches in the tournament, one against Grêmio, which could relegate the team from Rio Grande do Sul to Série B.

For the striker, the euphoria of the fans and the anxiety of beating the opponent will be outside the confrontation scheduled for Sunday, 4pm (GMT), at the New Coimica Arena. The important thing is to win the victory to conclude the move to the group stage of the Copa Libertadores next year.

For us, it’s three points, and that’s our main goal this season, which is the direct ranking in the Libertadores. Leaving the euphoria off the field, we’re only thinking about those three points against Grêmio – he said, in short, during a press conference, without mentioning the details of preparing for the game, like an open letter from fans to players demanding revenge for the fall of 2007.

The “problem” is that Grêmio’s eventual downfall will make the attacker’s family very upset. Believe during the interview, the player emphasized his affection for Corinthians, but let him get away with the fact that many family members support the tricolor in Rio Grande do Sul.

Roger Geddes at a press conference in Corinthians – Photo: Rodrigo Coca/AG Corinthians

– I won’t lie, I didn’t support Corinthians, my whole family is a Grêmio fan. But I was in love with Corinthians, and I had the desire to play here, as my manager knew, this year I had other proposals, but I wanted to help Corinthians, it was a dream of mine.

The player also commented on the statements of coach Wagner Mancini, who directed Corinthians in 2021 and treated Sunday’s match as “war”. Mancini also referred to the fact that fans do not go to the stadium to play. Roger avoided controversy, but objected.

Fiel is our twelfth player, I think it was quite clear that at home we have more support, it’s normal, the audience is different from the others. I saw in an interview with Mancini that it would be a war, but the euphoria is off the field, there is a little bit of hostility from the past, but it stays with them, what matters to us is the three points, we know Grêmio is fighting relegation, but we just want the three points to qualify in the Libertadores – confirmed.

Specifically for Róger Guedes, the week was also busy in the private sphere. The player had received an offer from Sharjah from the United Arab Emirates, which was rejected. The Arabs offered 8 million euros (about 51 million Brazilian riyals), but they heard “no” from the club.

– An official proposal came to me from Sharjah, from the Emirates, I sat with my managers Paulo Betumbera, we talked a lot, but my focus is on Corinthians, every Sunday he plays full time, I focus here, I want titles next year, we know we will have the Libertadores Cup. Just focus on that, trying to win titles and trying to get into the Brazilian national team – think about it.

Sylvinho “Essential” for 2022

The striker commented on the external pressure Sylvinho is going through. The coach was criticized by a large part of the public and his name was booed in the team’s last two squads for home matches. For Roger, having the leader next season is essential.

– We ended up seeing this, they ask him to leave, but he is an exceptional man, he treats everyone the same way, and he will indeed be one of the best players in Brazil. He is a very good guy, he helps a lot, it is necessary to stay for next year, he already knows us, after pre-season 2022 will be great – he assured.

Roger Guedes will start again with Corinthians on Sunday, 4pm (GMT), in a match against Grêmio, at the Neo Química Arena, in round 37 of the Brazilian Championship. There are 18 matches for Alfinegra and he scored seven goals.

Check out other points from Roger Guedes’ press conference:

budget 2021
– It’s been a season, I’ve arrived at the end, good both individually and collectively. We get to our task, the classification straight to the Libertadores. I hope I can score another 30 goals, let’s work for it, but the main thing is to help the team in the championship.

Angry reaction on the field to missed shots
– It’s not that I’m crazy, it’s game time, we’re there to win, I feel crazy when I miss a move or when I don’t get a ball, but it’s the game, the normal game, it’s more you are in the tap who thinks people are fighting on the field, I feel bad because I lose the match. I help the team so that we always try to get a positive result.

Start in Corinth
– I was waiting for my potential, as I have been working for 8 months with staff in Criciúma, as a result of my work, people came and helped the team in the field, we improved in Corinthians, the group welcomed those who arrived, we are doing an excellent role this year.

– You don’t consider yourself the best player, it’s the group, they welcomed me very well, with the individual part you helped me, if I score goals, I owe a lot to the team, to all the players who helped me. Sometimes people don’t see Jill and Joao Victor in stealing the ball and touching it to the front. I am honored to have Renato Augusto in midfield and these guys who help me score goals up front.

field positioning
– I talk a lot with Sylvinho, he knows where I feel most comfortable, the players talk, I talk to Renato, with Fabio, I like to float as a second striker, this is where I like, behind 9, in the reference. Since I play from the left side, I usually get close to having more ball and faster than two.

Giuliano and Willian’s physical condition
– I’m going to call the doctor for this interview (laughs). They are doing well, training, Willian played the last game, and he recovered very well. But it is up to Sylvinho whether they will play or not, but they are doing very well, they have recovered well and are fit for Sunday’s game.

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