February 25, 2024

Palmeiras settles in the first half, crushes Mirasol and advances

Palmeiras played as he liked and crushed Mirasol, today, 4-0, in the round of 16 of the Sao Paulo Cup. With all the goals scored in the first half, Alviverde inspired goalkeeper Arana, who converted a penalty, to advance to the quarter-finals. Kevin, Ruan Ribeiro, Wesley (against) and Vitinho scored at Anisio Haddad Stadium.

  • The first two goals scored by Alviverde came at four and six minutes of the opening stage, with Kevin and Ruan Ribeiro.
  • Ruan Ribeiro scored six goals in this Cobina match and shared the artillery with Riquelme and Gabriel Vinicius (double from Cuiabá);
  • Arnha took a penalty kick and kept the club clean in the knockout stages
  • Palmeiras faces Floresta C in the quarter-finals. Ceara’s team eliminated Atlético

the game

the Palm trees He started and scored two goals in six minutes. Pressing Mirasol since the opening whistle, Alviverde scored with Kevin, on four goals in the first half, and with Ruan Ribeiro, on the sixth.

Confused, Mirasol facilitated Palmeiras’ work in defence. Needing to run behind the scorer after Alviverde’s lightning goals, the young creative Mirasol tried to attack, but the goalkeeper didn’t threaten Aranha too much. The main chance was Juninho’s kick inside the area, which hit the post.

Palmeiras pressed out and made the third, with a triple failure for Mirasol. Defender Renato handed the ball to Ruan Ribeiro, Lacerda missed the goal and Wesley scored past Alviverde.

And there was time for the fourth, still in the first half, Vitinho kicked into the area after Kevin’s pass.

Mirasol grew, but stopped at Arana. Mirasol entered the second half ready to reduce the damage and put pressure on Palmeiras, whether in getting the ball out or in quick play, and in one of them Kawa Queiroz was brought down inside the area. Arilton went to take the kick and it was taken by goalkeeper Arana.

Palmeiras managed the match with an eye on the quarter-finals. With the score in the first 45 minutes, Alviverde was in no rush to attack. However, the guard has put Leserda in danger.


0x1: Four minutes into the first half, Pedro Lima received it in the middle and played for Kevin on the left. The attacker finished, the ball hit the opponent’s defense and, with Leserda keeper having no chance, went into the net.

0x2: David hit a free kick six minutes into the first half, goalkeeper Lacerda tried to save it, but he fired the ball into the small penalty area and Ruan Ribeiro rushed to widen the scoreboard.

0x3: At the 31st minute of the first half, Ruan Ribeiro took advantage of Renato’s failure on the right and entered the area. Lacerda’s goalkeeper didn’t cut it, Vitinho was level with the goalkeeper, but Wesley, in opposition to him, pushed into an empty net.

0x4: In the 35th minute of the first stage, Kevin received it wide on the left and passed it to Vitinho to finish in a penalty.

data sheet

Mirasol 0 x 4 palm trees

competition: Sao Paulo Cup round of 16
Place: Anisio Haddad Stadium in Sao Jose do Rio Preto (SP)
date and time: January 16, 2022, 9:45 PM (Brasilia time)
Rule: Joao Vitor Gobbi
Assistants: Diego Morelli de Oliveira and Isabel de Oliveira
Yellow cards: Joao Marcelo (Mirasol); Natini (Mirasol)
Red cards: Nanette (Mirasol)
Objectives: Kevin (Palmeiras), 4 minutes into the first half; Ruan Ribeiro (Palmeiras), 6 minutes into the first half; Wesley (Mirasole) vs., in the 31st minute of the first half; Vitino (Palmeiras), in the 35th minute of the first half.

Reporter: Lacerda. Wesley, Joao Marcelo, Renato Rossi, Gabriel (Ferry); Diogo Inacio (Rooney), Wellington, Arthur Baggio (Murilo); Aryton (Hugo), Thomas (Matheus Ortig), Juninho (Kawa Queiroz). Technical: Matthew Nanetti.

Palm trees: spider. Henry, Talisca (Pedro Felipe), Ian; Leo, Pedro Lima (Patrick), David, Ruan Ribeiro (Daniel); Kevin (Kawan Santos), Vitinho and Edni (Gilberto). Technical: Paolo Victor.