June 13, 2024

Pantanal: A prostitute will try to kill Jose Lucas de Neda | Come to me around – come

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Pantanal: A prostitute will try to kill Jose Lucas de Neda |  Come to me around - come

Shooting, hitting and bombing in life Jose Lucas de Nada (Irandir Santos). In the following chapters of Pantanal, the new character of the plot will present a journey to a prostitute and take the worst: in fact, she is part of a trio of thieves who fend off the truck driver. Come on, Brazil!

Soon after he is threatened with a gun and forced to hand his money over, Jose Lucas’ mouth, hands, and feet will be gagged. One of the thieves will tell you to put an end to it and the bitch will contemplate the act.

You’ll say, “We’ve already shaved his account…why are we killing him?”.

One of the thieves will say, “I am the one who left a mark on my grandfather!” “

After harassing her colleagues, the prostitute will fire her weapon.

She will affirm: “No man so despises me as this damned man!”

The bullet will be fired!

Soon after the shooting, we will see that Jose Lucas is still alive. Thieves, in turn, will be far away. The truck driver will get angry and vow revenge:

“I went out to reach out and took one of these… get my truck back and my truck back. Cattle… that aren’t even mine!”

What will happen? Don’t miss the next chapters of the Pantanal!

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