October 2, 2022
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Park closes the giant slide after the kids “fly” off the ride; Video has gone viral on the web

The school playground is different! Last weekend, a park in Detroit, in United State, a giant six-lane metal slide opened for people of all ages to enjoy. But it didn’t take long for the audience to realize something was wrong: The kids were flying — and not in a good way. The game was hastily shut down for maintenance, but by this point the videos were already going viral on the web.

The footage shows young children descending the slide at high speed and bumping their heads as they pass through each bulge. Some of them have already finished their tour by crying and massaging some parts of their body. Poor things! Watch:

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The game called “Belle Isle Giant” has been closed for two years due to the pandemic. Kenyatta McDanie told ABC that the fun soon turned to despair. “What I noticed was the effect of them hitting the ground as they slid.”and hung. “I was sliding a lot faster than I could have imagined. Gravity hurts”indicated the girl’s son, Keymarr.

In the meantime, the web has enjoyed creating diverse content about the new horrors of stadiums. Some of the comments joked about the pain the attraction was supposed to cause, but others went further. One group even made a T-shirt. Built in the 1960s, when safety regulations were scarce, the Bell Island Giant has been terrorizing children for generations. And in 2022 it reopens! Bigger, faster, and more dangerous than ever before, and if you’re lucky enough to survive this steely savagery, you deserve a T shirt!”said the post.

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Rapper Gmac Cash also created a sound in honor of the game. “You can break your back, on a giant toboggan.”sings in his latest version. “The kids pissed me off and I sent them down the giant slide”He adds.

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According to the garden page on FacebookThey decide to close the flight to make it slower and safer. With that said, the game should reopen on Friday (26th). After the announcement, officials also posted a video of a bouncer showing how to land properly, with the main tip: lean forward all the way. I don’t know about you, but I’ll pass this up lol!

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