February 28, 2024

Passkeys provide additional security; Big companies should make it a standard

to passwords Traditional accounts are one of the most popular forms of protecting information and online accounts, but they have certain limitations that lead to increased vulnerability, making users hostage to cyberattacks or even oblivion. In contrast, the passkeys They appear as an alternative capable of solving this problem and others. Find out why we should start using them.

The risks when using passkeys are lower

Experiencing insecurities online is more common nowadays than you might think. One of the most reported practices today are attacks where hackers can steal passwords to take confidential information from users. Another very frequent practice phishinga situation where people are tricked into providing passwords to suspicious websites.

A solution is needed to enhance more security, right?

Know the passkeys

Because of the above and other problems, traditional passwords are becoming less secure. One way around this is to use passkeys. Also known as access keys. They are encrypted, and therefore more “resistant” to security issues when traditional passwords are used. This tool increases security levels because passwords are not reused.

Each service performed with it receives a different access key. That is, if any account is hacked, there is no possibility to influence others, because the passwords are not linked to each other.

In addition to, passkeys It is so practical that it gives the user the freedom to not struggle with recording and writing complex numbers. This saves time as well as an efficient experience. In fact, on some devices, you can even use biometrics to speed up their authentication process.

How do companies see its use?

In this sense, major technology companies such as Microsoft, Apple and Google are moving to promote the use of passkeysto make it a security standard. These companies already have passkey integration in their products, as seen in recent Apple updates and support for Google Password and Windows apps by Microsoft.

As a result, the trend is that within two years the authentication standard model will be completed passkeys. In other words, the digital world will be characterized by more security and convenience in many areas.