June 25, 2024

Two ways to sharpen your nail clippers effortlessly: they will stay as good as new

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Two ways to sharpen your nail clippers effortlessly: they will stay as good as new

Have you ever faced the frustrating situation of having rusty or blunt pliers? We know that sharpening them is often a difficult and time-consuming work, requiring a lot of strength and skill. However, there is a simple and effective way that can make your pliers look like new effortlessly.

Yes, this is correct! With a few simple steps, you can breathe new life into your pliers and equip them to perform their tasks more efficiently. So, get ready to discover two curious and revolutionary ways to sharpen pliers.

2 Ways to Sharpen Your Nail Nippers Effortlessly: They’ll Look Like New | Photo: Freepik

2 ways to sharpen your nail clippers: they will stay as good as new

The first method: sharpening with a nail file

Yes, a simple nail file not only gives your nails a neat look but also sharpens your nail clippers! Although it is an unusual method, it can bring good results. And then, it is always easier to use the means at hand to preserve these very precious tools in everyday life. See how:

  1. Open the nail pliers.
  2. Then slide the nail file inside the blades of the pliers;
  3. Use back and forth motions to sharpen the blades. Proceed carefully so as not to damage the edges of the nail clippers. A small gap between the two cutting surfaces would reduce its effectiveness.
  4. With its rough texture, the file will be a great ally for the maintenance of your nail clipper. For more details on this technology, seeFeel free to watch the video below.

Method two: Edging with aluminum foil

Sharpening nail clippers with aluminum foil is a quick and easy way. Here’s a step-by-step guide to getting the job done:

  1. Take a sheet of aluminum foil and fold it several times to create a thicker layer.
  2. Use the tip of your tongs to make small cuts in the folded aluminum foil. This will help sharpen the blades of the pliers.
  3. Close the nail tongs and hold them firmly with one hand, with the other hand pulling the blades of the tongs through the holes you’ve created in the aluminum foil.
  4. Repeat this process several times, running the blades of the tongs through the aluminum foil on both sides, until you feel the blades sharper.
  5. Check the sharpness of the blades by opening and closing the pliers a few times to test the effectiveness of the process. If necessary, repeat the process again until you get the desired result.

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