June 24, 2024

Patients with Omicron were already in the Netherlands before flights arrived from South Africa | Globalism

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61 South African travelers tested positive for COVID-19 in the Netherlands |  Globalism

Two people who tested positive for omicron, the new variant of the coronavirus, in the Netherlands had already been in the country for more than a week.

The omicron variant was detected in the Netherlands even before two flights arrived from South Africa last week, initially believed to carry the virus, according to statements by Dutch health service authorities on Tuesday (30).

Ômicron: What is known about the new variant discovered in South Africa

Ômicron: What is known about the new variant discovered in South Africa

Analyzing these dates is important because This could mean that the new variant was already in the country at least a week before two flights from South Africa arrived on Friday, and thus before the World Health Organization classifies omicron as a variable of concern.

Subsequently, some countries imposed restrictions on flights coming from places where the alternative had already been identified.

England begins taking measures to contain Micron's advance

England begins taking measures to contain Micron’s advance

Landing in Amsterdam

At least 14 people on flights from Johannesburg and Cape Town arrived at Amsterdam airport on November 26 with the new variant, according to a report from the Netherlands’ National Institute of Public Health.

“We found the omicron variant in two tests of samples taken on November 9 and 13, and it is not clear whether these people have visited South Africa,” the agency said.

About 71 of the more than 600 passengers on flights from South Africa have contracted the coronavirus and have been quarantined since last Friday.

Dutch authorities also want to test about 5,000 other travelers who departed from the following countries:

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