June 13, 2024

‘I was lucky,’ says a man who broke the record with the largest nose in the world.

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'I was lucky,' says a man who broke the record with the largest nose in the world.

Mehmet Ozorek, 72, was recognized as having the largest nose for a living person (male) in the world more than two decades ago, according to Guinness World Records. Verified this month in his hometown of Artvin, Turkey. Muhammad’s nose is 8.8 cm long and set a record.

“My sense of smell is different from the others. I say ‘there is a smell here.'” Others say ‘we don’t smell it.’ I say, ‘You might not smell it, but I can. “For example, I enter my house and I can immediately determine which dish is cooked,” he told Guinness World Records in a statement last week. “I love my nose. […] I’ve been lucky.”

foto 1 - Clone / Facebook / Guinness World Records - Clone / Facebook / Guinness World Records

Mehmet Ozyurek’s nose is 8.8 cm in size and he was officially named the record holder for the first time in January 2001

Photo: Play / Facebook / Guinness World Records

Guinness, the organization responsible for keeping annual records, said the Turk’s nose was first measured on January 31, 2001, on the TV show. Guinness Globalism Register: peak, in Los Angeles, USA. Since then, he’s taken measurements twice to see if his nose has grown: in 2010 and this year, on November 13.

However, his nose remained the same size. According to the organizers of the Book of Records, this debunks the “common myth” that the nose and ears grow with age.

A video posted by Guinness’s TikTok in October garnered more than 2 million likes and 22 million views. Many admired the size of the Turk’s nose.

Almost every family my mission She inherited the property of having large noses, but it is still not clear what is behind them. “It’s a genetic condition, as I understand it. There was no explanation by doctors, but I have it in my family, so my parents have it, my uncles have it, and they have it.”

The generations that followed him no longer have this feature. Which may prevent them from being harassed, for example, by their classmates, just as Muhammad did.

Photo 2 - Play / YouTube / Guinness World Records - Play / YouTube / Guinness World Records

Mehmet Ozerek won a certificate; Guinness World Records was in Turkey this month to measure Muhammad’s nose for the third time

Photo: Playback / YouTube / Guinness World Records

“my friends used to me Calling “big nose” to irritate me. But I looked at myself. That’s when I looked in the mirror – me Discover For myself. God is mine I did Thus, there is nothing that can be done in this case. I have learned to live at peace with my body,” he said.

Now, he brings with him the pride of representing Turkey, the Black Sea, and his city of Artvin internationally with Guinness recognition since 2001. “Some are martyrs, some prime ministers and some have record numbers,” he says.

Guinness does not have confirmation of the largest nose of all time, but notes that Thomas Widders, a member of a circus who lived in England in the 1770s, had a nose of 19 centimeters.

Photo 4 - Play / YouTube / Guinness World Records - Play / YouTube / Guinness World Records

Turki mentioned that his sense of smell is improving and he can smell things that others cannot smell

Photo: Playback / YouTube / Guinness World Records

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