June 25, 2024

Paula Fernandez reveals her regrets about Marilia Mendonca

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Paula Fernandez Vent when calling early death Marilia MendoncaWho left us a month ago after a tragic plane crash. In an interview with the newspaper additionalcountry singer He revealed his regret that he did not enjoy more moments and future projects with the Queen of Suffering.

“We had a subconscious exchange at the time without even knowing each other. I wish I had told her more about it. After that we met professionally a few times. I’ve always been very homely, and most of the party girls. Do you know I regret not being seated, for example For wine with Marilia? Artist vent.


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Paola Fernandez opened the match and She talked about rumors of an alleged rivalry Among the many female artists from the hinterland. There, they tried to create a competition between us that didn’t exist before. It was such a shame to live this, because I was with a warm heart, as I always wished more women would appear. And only we know what we’ve been through, the biases we face. We’re warriors and we’ve always been in the same boat.”, He said.

and sertaneja, in turn, She revealed one of the countless sexual situations she has already encountered On certain occasions in the artistic community. “The entertainment system has always been shaped by men and men. In addition to the “nos” for not wanting to invest in a woman, there were other barriers when I was already successful (…) I saw an entrepreneur roll his eyes because I asked for a chemical bath for a woman. Then they started calling us Bored, obnoxious, etc.”, described by Paula.

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