June 18, 2024

Paula Oliveira vents after losing to Covid: “We don’t know anything about anything” | Famous People

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Paula Oliveira vents after losing to Covid: “We don't know anything about anything” |  Famous People
Paula Oliveira
Reproduction / Instagram

Paula Oliveira

After dating Diogo Nogueira, Paula Oliveira
He used his Instagram profile on Wednesday evening (18), to talk about a loss he suffered as a result of Covid-19. I posted the phrase “The caterpillar does not understand the process, but accepts the changes”. Then he wrote in an emotional tone: “These are very difficult times to deal with. Losses, grief, situations unimaginable two years ago, three years ago.”

“Today I received very sad news, a match, another victim of this disease and somehow withdrew, I tried to smile to remember the situations, but the truth is that we don’t know anything about anything,” Paula continued.

The actress also stated that although she tries to remain optimistic, events sometimes do not allow this: “We keep looking for something better, something good, light and healthy every day. However, the days are cloudy. Be sunny as the days are cloudy. Good night everyone. Watch out.”

Hundreds of people commented on Paula’s post, wishing her strength noting the personal toll of Covid. Among them is actress Samantha Schmutz, who became a vocal critic of the federal government for its stance on fighting Covid after the death in May of Paulo Gustavo, with whom she had been friends for years, in May this year.

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