July 22, 2024

Sérgio Reis admits he made a mistake when he called for a coup and says he’s not “coming” for Bolsonaro

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Sérgio Reis
Sérgio Reis

In an interview with Congresso em Foco, the singer from Pocket State reported that he was experiencing economic losses as a result of his undemocratic work.

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247 – Singer and ex-MP Sergio Reyes said on Wednesday (18) he was mistaken in an audio recording requesting the impeachment of Supreme Court (STF) ministers.

“I got it really wrong, I got it wrong a lot. I shouldn’t, because people think… I talked to a friend. Posted it in a small group. Jaguar friend. It’s from life. They threaten me, thinking I’m scared. But I didn’t hide. I’m here At home, I didn’t attack anyone. I leave with my responsibility,” Reese said in an interview with the site Congress in focus.

Sergio Reyes also said he disagrees with all of Bolsonaro’s actions. “I’m not Bolsonaro’s lover. I met him in the room, we’re from Palmeiras. I don’t agree with the way he says too much. But that’s his way. How am I going to change his tense Italian way? There are times when he’s stupid.”

The 81-year-old said he defends democracy, that there is “no need” for military intervention, and said he is incurring economic losses as a result of his undemocratic work. They want to kill me. I am already experiencing a loss. They canceled four shows and two commercials that I would have done right now. They took off the air I make for a shop in Curitiba. They will take it off the air for a month and wait to see what happens.

Relationship with Lola

In an interview with Congresso em Foco, Sergio Reyes spoke about his relationship with former President Lula. “I love Lola, I have nothing against him, he has always respected me, as did Mrs. Marisa. I once told him that Hospital de Amor, in Barrettos, a reference in the fight against cancer, needed a building to separate children from adults with cancer. He asked José Derso at that time transferred 10 million Brazilian riyals to the government of Sao Paulo. There is a ward of Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva in the hospital.”

Sergio Reyes represented by 29 Deputy Attorney General of the Republic for threats

NS Singer sertanejo pocketnarista Sergio Reis Targeted by 29 Deputy Attorney Generals of the Republic, who have filed representation with the Federal District Attorney’s Office against the musician’s statements that talked about stopping the country until the Senate dismisses the ministers of the Federal Supreme Court (STF).

According to associate lawyers, the threat may constitute the crime of incitement to undermine the political or social order, in addition to incitement to crime.

Representation asserts that Reese is participating in a move to block highways, close ports and airports, and block the free movement of people and goods, in order to pressure Congress to implement the previously defeated print vote in the House of Representatives.

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