March 1, 2024
Paz reveals the goal of Libertadores and comments on Kano: "We do not pay 600,000 Brazilian riyals to any player" |  succumb to

Paz reveals the goal of Libertadores and comments on Kano: “We do not pay 600,000 Brazilian riyals to any player” | succumb to

In an interview with sports Fortaleza president Marcelo Paz on Wednesday afternoon (8) highlighted Metas’ goal for the club in the Libertadores 2022. He is already guaranteed the group stage of the international competition in an unprecedented way.

– First of all, we have to know how to enjoy this feat. Enjoy a little, savor. The fact of going into the group stage only makes us play in April. We’ll have plenty of time to assemble the cast. A significant part of this representatives will remain, they have a contract. We will have change, improvement and qualification. Inside the Libertadores, we want to get past the stage. When I say transcend the level, it can be between the first two, to advance to an octave. Or it could be the third, to continue the Copa Sudamericana. Chances are, we have to study everything. Draw can be more generous or more difficult.

Fortaleza still hosts Bahia on Thursday (9), at 9:30 pm, at Arena Castellao, in the final round of the Brazilian Nationals First Division. The lion could still be in the G4 to compete. Marcelo Paz lists plans for next year.

We want a competitive squad for the whole year, we have five championships. Our order is higher next year, it’s normal. Fans will want us to repeat a similar performance this year, so we have to put together a qualified and competent crew, but within our financial reality. 10 shirt from Fortaleza, our ace, recent salaries.

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The celebration of Fortaleza – Photo: Kid Júnior / SVM

Vojvoda’s contract is automatically renewed because it has reached our initial goal of going to Sud Americana. We are discussing the details of signing this renewal. Any club that wants to take it has to pay the fine. The contract does not expire but renews itself automatically. There’s a fine, but we’re talking, about the project, about what you want for next year, the views, I believe in its permanence.

– About German Cano, the great midfielder, a salary of 600,000 Brazilian riyals was mentioned. There is no chance that Fortaleza will pay a salary of R$600,000 to any player. It does not enter our financial level and that is essential.

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