February 28, 2024
Watch how the match was between Corinthians and Sao Paulo

Watch how the match was between Corinthians and Sao Paulo

One, two, three: the women’s team Corinthians He is a three-time champion of Sao Paulo. In a tense match tonight against Sao Paulo At the Neo Química Arena, the team led by Arthur Elias eventually beat his opponent 3-1, Reverse 1 to 0 in the outer departure Lift the state title.

By the way, the stadium in Itaqueira was a source of strength for the players until the final whistle. There were 30,077 fans in attendance, which is the largest audience for a women’s interclub match in the history football female in Brazil.

NS UOL Sports Summarize what the classic from Sao Paulo played that night. Check it out below:

scare here and there

The game started busy and both teams were looking to attack. It was the first big chance for the home team: in the sixth minute, defender Giovanna Campiolo went up more than anyone else after a corner kick and hit hard into the goal by Carla, who blocked the ball.

Ten minutes later, a simple goal kick almost resulted in a goal for Sao Paulo. After confusion among the team’s defense, Glossia surrendered from the cover and frightened Natasha – the ball went out.

What di Zanotti!

Gabi Zanotti, of Corinthians, celebrates the goal in Paulistao Women's Final - Rodrigo Gazzanel / Corinthians - Rodrigo Gazzanel / Corinthians

Gabi Zanotti, from Corinthians, celebrates the goal in the Paulistau Women’s Final

Photo: Rodrigo Gazanil / Corinthians

After neutralizing opponents, the Corinthians He reached the goal in the 24th minute. In a cross from Tamiris from the left, the ball popped to the edge of the area and fell in front of Gabi Portillo, who rolled to Gabi Zanotti.

Shirt No. 10, first, beat a big class and hit Carla’s corner, opening the score and equalizing the decision.

Pushed by the fans, the home team expanded less than ten minutes later – and again with Zanotti.

In another cross from Tamiris – this time from below – the midfielder appeared behind the tags, and with the opening goal, he scored the second goal of the match, leaving Corinthians with the state championship three times.

Diani ventures and seals the model

The goals did not diminish the intensity of the Corinthians team, which continued with a strong rhythm over Sao Paulo.

At 38, Diane attempted a shot from outside the area and forced Carla into the palm of her hand for a corner. Three minutes later, the steering wheel practically repeated the movement, this time hitting the competing crossbar.

Natasha makes mistakes, shrinks the city of São Paulo

In the additions of the first half, the visitors shook the opponent’s net through a mistake by goalkeeper Natasha. She received a rebound from the defense and missed the ball, giving the ball a blessing to Nana.

He did not forgive the São Paulo shirt number 21, and, having already dominated the area, managed to reduce the score of the match – and the decision tied the total.

Nana, from Sao Paulo, celebrates the goal he scored against Corinthians in the Paulistao Women's Final - clone / twitter - clone / twitter

Nana, from Sao Paulo, celebrates the goal he scored against Corinthians in the Paulistao Women’s Championship final

Photo: Reproduction / Twitter

Corinthians press, but…

As in the first half, the main team pressed Sao Paulo in the first minutes of the second stage. Gabe Portillo and Tarcian had good chances, but they didn’t take advantage of it.

Given the tension and the potential for penalties to be imposed on the decision, the match became tighter – and gave more work to referee Edina Alves.

At 30, a new ball kick out awarded Sao Paulo a corner. On the kick, the attacker dodges Glossia and saw the ball fall on Natasha’s crossbar.

A goal at the end and celebration in Itaquera

Corinthians were not satisfied with the penalty shootout and reached the third goal in stoppage time.

In a well-made play in which no less than five athletes participated, Polyana received it on the right and crossed to the bottom at the entrance to the district. Victoria, on her back, rolled over to Adriana.

The striker with the category, he knocked out Carla and scored the title goal, making a party for more than 30 thousand fans at the New Coimica Arena.