February 27, 2024
People with above average intelligence often use these six words

People with above average intelligence often use these six words

a vocabulary From a person is a very important thing. We are communicative beings by nature, so the best way to go is distance, either socially or professionally, working to expand our social courses. We are only able to do this through communication.

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Therefore, it is important to have a dictionary comprehensive and varied. It can be helpful to nurture them constantly, as words are tools of communication, making it possible for us to interact in different ways. So there is no doubt that there are more ‘fancy’ words used by people who are seen as particularly smart, so why not learn and use them too?


This is often used in books, especially in investigative stories. This means that something is just right and special. Thus, it is synonymous with: typical; Special; specific; inherent; An individual; Special; Special; TRUE; individuality; singular form; Not connected.


This word also appears frequently in novels and has two meanings. The first refers to a person who behaves disrespectfully. naughty Lack of respect others for something.

But there is also a second context where the word refers to something that is rare. Many people may not know this second meaning, but it does exist and is associated with “never before, extraordinary or extraordinary.”


she comes by king The noun is part of its meaning, that is, it shows that it is something that goes beyond reality, beyond the concept. After this line, the word also refers to the transcendence of reasonable truth, reason, or anything that belongs to the realm of dream, absurdity, and imagination.


A word that is really far-fetched, so you won’t hear it being said out loud at any time. It refers to something out of the ordinary, out of the ordinary, strange and unique. However, it can be used for the verb to act without caution or simultaneously, but it can also mean expensive.

In general, it is more related to the absurd content, that is, to things without logic or coherence.


In the penultimate place on the list we have a term used for something that does not cause physical or material harm, and is not morally, psychologically, or in any other way harmful or harmful.

Let’s give you an example of how to use this word: “With a guarantee that any reaction will be harmless, agree to experiment.”


This is the most common to listen to someone if you’re on file environment Conducive, as the word basically refers to something that is difficult to descend or climb on, as well as something abrupt, steep, or steep.