March 4, 2024
Pezzulano sees Cruzeiro's responsibility to win the second division: 'If you don't win, I'm a loser' |  Sea trip

Pezzulano sees Cruzeiro’s responsibility to win the second division: ‘If you don’t win, I’m a loser’ | Sea trip

a Sea trip He is close to arriving, which could come against Vasco, on the 21st of this month. But he also aspires to win the Série B Championship for the Brazilian Championship. Pizzolano has talked about this before, but never definitively. Failure to win for him would be a failure.

Almost a year later, the press came back to follow Cruzeiro's training session in person

Almost a year later, the press came back to follow Cruzeiro’s training session in person

Coach support in the matter is numbers Sea trip In Série B. Leader, with 62 points, 11 points behind Bahia – and with one game less – the Celestials still have the best attack, best defense and best performance both on home and away.

When asked about the last stage of Serie B, Pezzolano highlighted the ambition to seek the title of “disarming” those who believe that Sea tripwith the quiet mode in the schedule, it will slow down after confirming the arrival.

“We’ll go up first, and then we’ll have to come up with champions. If I don’t come out as a hero, after all I’ve conquered, I personally consider him a failure, because what we’ve done so far has been very good.”

Nine games left, if you don’t win the championship, that’s a failure for me. So we play much more important things than everyone thinks.

Paolo Pizzolano during a press conference in Cruzeiro – Photo: Gustavo Alexo / Cruzeiro

The coach also notes that there is an internal competition that will keep the pace strong until the end of the second division, as it highlights players looking to start in 2022, and others who want to ensure the group’s survival for 2023.

– Players play for the next match and play stay next year. For us, it must have been that hard.

Next date for Sea trip It will be against CRB, on Saturday, in Maceió. After that, they will still face Vasco (C), Ponte Preta (F), Sport (F), Villa Nova (F), Ituano (C), Guarani (C), Novorentino (F) and CSA (C).

All of these teams are still battling for something on the table, at least at this point in the competition. Some dream of reaching, while others want to avoid relegation to the National Series C. The factor that requires more focus and intensity Sea trip In games, from Pezzulano’s point of view.

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– All matches will be as complicated as they have been so far. We know they play the year in these games. (…]We have to try to make the game depend on what we do, not on what the competitors do. That’s what we’ve tried since day one. We have to prepare our heads, knowing that we will have to put in more force than ever, because the competitors They play general.

5-Star Partner – Cruzeiro – Photo: Publicity