February 1, 2023
Phrases for WhatsApp status: 4 tricks to personalize your bio |  social networks

Phrases for WhatsApp status: 4 tricks to personalize your bio | social networks

Look for status phrases The WhatsApp This is possible in many different ways. The app is available for android And the Iphone 🇧🇷iOS), allows you to use bios up to 139 characters long. The space is perfect for showing a little personality to your contacts, or even expressing everyday feelings and emotions. If you don’t want to create a message from scratch, there are apps that can help you find song excerpts, book quotes, or other inspiration that fills the space in a way that works for you. Check out the list of tricks below to customize your messaging app bio and make it look like you.

Phrases for WhatsApp status: 4 tricks to personalize your resume – Photo: Fernando Braga

1. Find the words that represent you

Insert a music excerpt in the bio of The WhatsApp It can be a creative option for those who want to customize the tab and don’t know exactly what to write. Apps like geniusIs available for android And the Iphone 🇧🇷iOS), you have a large collection of song lyrics so you can find the one that best suits your personality.

Using the platform is intuitive: open the app, tap the magnifying glass icon at the top right of the screen, and type in the name of a song. Then tap on the search result to preview the lyrics. On the home page, it is still possible to scroll the screen and check the most popular tracks of the application through the “Charts” section – the space can be very useful for those who want to discover new artists and increase their repertoire.

Lyrics preview function is also available in Spotifymobile application android And the Iphone 🇧🇷iOS🇧🇷 To use the feature and find the snippets that suit you best, open the app and hit play on the desired track. Then tap on the bottom bar where the song name and artist are arranged. Some details of the reproduction will be shown, and to view the lyrics, just swipe down on the screen.

Apps like Genius provide several song lyrics that can serve as inspiration for a WhatsApp bio – Image: Reproduction / Marianna Trallback

2. Find an excerpt from a book that represents you

There are many excerpts from books that could be interesting to use in the case. Although the CV The WhatsApp Whether it’s a short space, at 139 characters it’s possible to use a few short, exciting sentences from something you’ve read recently. For this, you can search in The Google With specific book names and authors – you’ll easily be able to find a summary of highlighted passages, without having to read the entire book. Another option is to just search for terms like “book quotes” to find phrases that have a general effect.

There are also many social media profiles that frequently post this type of content that can inspire you to customize your profile in the messaging app. To find them, search for “book excerpts” on apps like Twitter🇧🇷 Instagram And the pinterest and choose your favorite phrase.

Touching quotes from books are also a good option to use in your WhatsApp bio and impress your contacts – Photo: reproduction / Marianna Trallback

3. Put an emoji that represents you

Communicating through emojis can also be very useful for representing your personality, feelings or emotions, if you are not creative enough to write a sentence for your resume. The WhatsApp🇧🇷 And that’s because emoticons are so popular that they’ve already become a “second language” on the internet and they can often say more than words.

However, it should be noted that it is necessary to pay attention to the meaning of each smiley, so as not to generate interpretations different from the one you want. arrive to Instructs From TechAll And check out some of the meanings so we don’t get it wrong.

4. Use applications with ready-made phrases

Use ready-made phrases in your resume The WhatsApp It also aims to show your personality or express your feelings. You can find apps that provide this kind of content, including quotes from famous authors – you can copy one or even get inspired to write your own.

a pinterestIs available for android And the Iphone (iOS), is one such platform and acts as a social network where users share photos. To use it, click on the search bar and search for simple terms like “phrases” or “quotes”; It is also possible to search for the names of specific authors, for example, if you already have a target.

The apps available for Android and iPhpne (iOS) offer many ready-made phrases that can be used on social networks – Photo: reproduction / Marianna Tralback

Another application option for this purpose is Beautiful and ready messages, one of the most popular in this category. The platform is available for android It provides users with different phrase ideas to use on social media. On first access, click on the three horizontal bars on the left side of the screen and choose a category to view – among them, there are options such as “Amorosas”, “Motivation”, “Wisdom” and “Special Dates”, among others. Select your favorite and then choose a subcategory to display phrases and customize your messaging profile.

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