February 25, 2024
What are Google Sheets?  Find out what it is for and where to use it

What are Google Sheets? Find out what it is for and where to use it

Developers are always studying new technologies and the possibilities of creating new things. The Google team, one of the most meticulous in the world, is working on a project program that promises to facilitate and revolutionize plan management and the way we work remotely. See Google tables.

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What are Google Sheets?

Developed by Google Area 120, an area that serves as a project incubator for the tech giant’s employees. The program can be described as a more “sophisticated” spreadsheet with more features such as Artificial intelligence and visual aids.

The central idea is to be a “to-do organizer”, like Notion and Trello. The user will be able to create flowcharts and task lists with lots of details: categories, deadline, goal, last modified, location, and tags.

There are also several options for displaying information and priorities.

The program also contains more complex forms that automatically organize project information. All fields can be filled in automatically using table trackers.

Other settings are:

  • Relationships: linking one project to another;
  • + Add Table: Import data from another project or Google Spreadsheet.

Projects will still be able to be shared with other people, similar to the way it is done by Docs, Drive, and other company apps.

Google Sheets page
Google Sheets page (Image: Disclosure).

Where is it used?

Tables can be used as a web application and can be accessed in browsers: Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Safari and Mozilla Firefox. In addition, it will have integration with Google Workspace.


According to support, Tables will have a fully functional free version, however it will also have a paid version with more features. For example: while the free plan gives you access to 100 tables of 1,000 rows each, you can access 1,000 tables of 10,000 rows each by paying $10 (about R$51.85).

When paying this monthly fee, the user will also be able to use more automation functions and will have more space in the cloud. Do you want some good news? There is a possibility to test paid jobs for three months for free!

Already in Brazil?

Here’s the bad news: Google Tables isn’t yet available in Brazil, but a beta version of the tool is already rolling out in Brazil United State🇧🇷 Let’s wait for the news.