February 6, 2023
A new feature has been released for users

WhatsApp Tests feature that allows you to search messages by date

A new day, a new feature is being tested in The WhatsApp🇧🇷 As usual, the app has been testing bringing widgets into the app. The latest update will enable searching for messages by date on WhatsApp and it has already been released to some beta users.

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According to WABetaInfo, the WhatsApp tests for this update are compatible with iOS version (for iPhone) The feature is limited to some beta users, but others should receive the functionality in the future.

As in other cases, if the functionality is successful in use and well accepted by the test audience, it should be brought to a future stable app release, available to any user in the app stores (App Store and Play Store).

How will search by date work on WhatsApp?

According to the tests, it will be possible for the user to set a specific date to find a specific message in the conversations of the messaging application with the new tool.

WABetaInfo, which brought the first-hand information out, also notes that the feature has been in production for two years, but that WhatsApp only recently resumed development.

Date finder should be used directly in chats. To select it in WhatsApp Beta, you need to click on the calendar icon that will appear in the right corner of the app, if it is available. If the functionality isn’t visible yet, there’s still hope: it should be made available to other testers in the coming weeks.

WhatsApp allows you to send messages to yourself

Another update Recently, this time for all users of WhatsApp is the one that allows any user to send messages to themselves originally. This makes storing information and notes much easier and more intuitive in the most used messaging app in Brazil.

This way, you now have an infinite notebook. The new feature went into effect last Monday (28).