February 5, 2023
The most famous Embraer aircraft are coming to Microsoft Flight Simulator

The most famous Embraer aircraft are coming to Microsoft Flight Simulator

The good news reached virtual pilots today with the release of Best seller From Embraer for the new Microsoft Flight Simulator.

Disclosure – Aerosoft

The news comes at a big moment of expansion for the franchise, with several independent and small producers emerging for quality content. Until then, no Embraer aircraft had a level of realism equivalent to that of the Airbus and Boeing aircraft already released for the Flight Simulator, Prepar3D, and X-Plane series.

There was always something missing, be it a technical detail, a well-made model or performance to match Brazilian aircraft, but that wait seems to be over.

Aerosoft has released the launch video of the Embraer E175, the best-selling Brazilian aircraft, which is being developed in partnership with FSS – FlightSim Studio AG. This Swiss studio only released a small plane for the simulator and some airport scenarios, but it stood out for its high quality.

Details such as price, launch date, and what will come on board have not been revealed, however tractor Impresses with the quality of the aircraft (at least externally). In it, the E175 appears in the colors of many companies such as American Alaska, American, United, Dutch KLM and Japanese Fuji Dream Airlines.

While Aerosoft only showed the E175 in the video, the FSS website quotes “E-Jets series” meaning first generation E170s, E190s and E195s could also be in the package – see.

It should be noted that there is already another E-Jet in development, from Ouroboros Jets studio, which will be free. At the moment the E170 is being made, but the E175, E190 and E195 have already been confirmed.

The project itself will be open source and publicly available after launch, but the developers have already assured that it will not have a high level of realism, and the aircraft in the first versions will only do the basics.