January 29, 2023
If you have any of these devices, then the era has certainly come

If you have any of these devices, then the era has certainly come

Technology is increasingly present in people’s lives. As the years passed, the devices became more technical and efficient. The truth is that even though electronic gadgets have been modernized, they have always been present in the homes of many people.

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Examples of old and well-known electronic devices

Check out the oldest electronic devices now:


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VCR used to watch movies on TV, it was in people’s homes in the 80’s and 90’s and later it was replaced by DVD.

desktop computer

Compared to today’s computers, desktop computers seem to have been around for a thousand years. Nowadays they are less used.

Atari 7800

The Atari 7800 was launched in 1986 and hit the market with Donkey Kong, Ice Hockey or Enduro games. At that time it was only in pixels.

Black Berry

Blackberry, known in the 20th century, was the sensation of the time. However, years later, Apple came up with an iPhone line that brought the device out of line.


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It has been a part of the lives of many people who do not have cell phones. Nowadays, their use is not common and they often serve only for urban decoration.


It was launched in 1893 by Philips and has been widely used for three decades. After the arrival of DVDs and CDs, tapes began to take up less and less space in people’s lives.

Disk man

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It was one of Sony’s best selling devices because of the Waklman concept. However, due to its size and quality, it has been replaced by the iPod.

Floppy disk

Floppy disks have been widely replaced by Bluetooth and the cloud in the past and appeared even before CDs.


Introduced by Steve Jobs in 2001, this device stores music in full quality. Record sales at the time of over 150 million units.

“brick” mobile phones

Technologically limited, it appeared in the 90s and was very useful at the time. They were mainly known for their drop resistance and long lasting battery life.