July 14, 2024

The black hole is photographed at the moment it is devouring a star

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The black hole is photographed at the moment it is devouring a star
The black hole is photographed at the moment it is devouring a star

Inside almost all galaxies there are black holes that are inactive, that is, they do not consume anything, and therefore do not emit light. However, more recently, A.J Black hole It was discovered while devouring a star. Continue reading to find out more.

Let’s move on to a slightly more educational explanation: when a star gets very close to a Black holethe intense gravitational force begins to tear it apart, its matter is stretched as if it were a line and the star is destroyed.

These events in which black holes devour a star are very rare, but when they do happen, they are very violent. When this event occurs, it is called a tidal break event (TDE).

In general, these events occur once every ten thousand years in A galaxy Typical and very rare occurrence.

The team of astronomers needed to collect data using 21 different telescopes and compare the information with theoretical models for several types of known extreme events, such as star collapses and kilonova explosions.

However, the only thing that explained the data obtained was a phenomenon called “tidal disturbance”, which is when A Black hole The star devours hard like chewing gum.

Previously, there had been other occurrences of tide breaking, events observed before and without jets directed towards us, different from those now.

The jets consist of particles moving at speeds close to the speed of light, however, it has not yet been possible to establish the origin of these elements.

They are usually thought of as X-rays or gamma rays, but in particular the jet, which was observed in research published today, was thought of as an emission of visible light.

What’s more interesting is that the galaxy from which the jet originated is not yet known, which makes the phenomenon difficult to identify, because it was not certain that there was a black hole piercing at its core.

Now, the researchers intend to determine its source and understand the properties of the black hole that triggered this rare phenomenon. They intend to use a telescope James Webb🇧🇷

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