June 18, 2024

Google’s new AI writes the code itself

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Google's new AI writes the code itself

There is no doubt that artificial intelligence (AI) will be one of the drivers of the new generation of technology. She previously wrote texts, edited videos and created photos – as in the new direction of the application Lensa – in an automated way. Now, a new AI from Google may be able to write, debug and update its own computer code.

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The project is, for now, classified. Information from the Insider site. The temporary name of this AI is Pitchfork – the name given to the pitchforks that give the musical pitch for orchestras and choirs.

How does the new Google AI work?

Pitchfork features machine learning and is part of Google’s strategy to enter the world Amnesty International generative. That is, tools that can generate images, videos, and texts from algorithms.

Still according to Insider, the system will be able to teach itself codes. Not only that, but he will also learn to rewrite it himself.

The company is also experimenting with making this AI learn programming techniques. This way you will be able to write new functions.

Take turns

The initial idea, according to the report, was to use the tool to update the code base Python from Google for newer versions. The original plan was to come up with a solution to switch versions of the code without hiring programmers or software engineers.

Then Google’s AI started taking new directions. Now, the company’s goal is for the system to reduce the need for human labor. The biggest challenge is to rewrite the codes without losing quality.

Humans still matter

Reducing the need for human labor does not mean eliminating it completely. Olivia Hatalski, a former Google employee, told from the inside That Google plans to use artificial intelligence to work together and help developers.

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