April 13, 2024
PicPay now allows salary transfer: Learn how to do it

PicPay now allows salary transfer: Learn how to do it

One of the advantages of salary portability to application is the income on top of the savings provided by the company. See how you do it!

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At the end of May, it was Pickpay It released a new feature of salary transfer for app users. In view of this, customers who earn a fee from another institution will be able to automatically transfer money to PicPay.

According to PicPay, one of the advantages of transferring salary to the app is the income on top of the savings provided by the company. In addition, when carrying out salary transfer, access to financial services for clients of the organization is facilitated. Examples are credit cards and increase the limit.

According to the company, “PicPay digital wallet has been a pioneer in providing instant payment services between people. Today, more than that, the wallet is where the user can perform a wide range of services, such as Pix consulting, CPF, bill payments, and still have higher income than Savings with daily liquidity.

How to transfer salary on PicPay?

The portability of wages allows workers to choose which bank they want to earn their money in. In this sense, the employee’s salary is included in the salary account, and then the amount is automatically transferred to the account you want.

According to PicPay information, the feature is being introduced gradually. Therefore, customers have to wait for the button to appear in the application. “wage transfer”.

Once this option is available in the app, users need to inform the CNPJ of the company they work for. In addition, it is necessary to inform the bank where they get paid. Once this is done, just verify the identity and wait for the process to complete. According to PicPay, the process can take a few days.

PicPay information can be accessed by workers in the statement or payroll. It should be noted that in general this data is located at the top of the document with the personal data of the worker.

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