February 25, 2024
Learn how to issue BRL 200 and BRL 50 with these Nubank functions

Learn how to issue BRL 200 and BRL 50 with these Nubank functions

a nubank It was developed to practically meet the needs of modern customers, as well as put an end to the excessive bureaucracy that usually prevents Brazilians from accessing credit. For those who don’t know, the financial technology He has two jobs that release R$200 and R$50. Learn more about them below!

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Nubank functionality that unlocks up to R$200 in purchases

When using purple for the first time, a Nubank credit card customer activates Pay by approach (contact) automatically. From there, he is entitled to make payments of up to 200 BRL just by rounding the purple color of the device, no password required.

Transactions made through this function are secure and encrypted. The goal is to ensure that no user data is exposed during the process. The need to use a password occurs only in the case of payments over 200 BRL.

If you are not satisfied with the tool, just access the Nubank application, click on the arrow under the name and go to the “Configure Card” option. After that, just deactivate the “Purchases by Rounding” option.


Another way to facilitate access to credit for those who have it low scorefor example, is NUBANC CARD 50 BRL. Without charging an annual fee, the bank issues this service to customers who want to get approval in roxinho, but face difficulties during the order.

To reduce the bureaucracy of the service, the digital bank provides a card with a reduced limit, but it can be gradually increased, as it makes good use of the tool.

Tips to increase purchasing power faster include: Pay your bill before the due date, focus your monthly expenses on your Nubank card, never let your name stop at SPC or Serasa, and always keep your income up-to-date on the Nubank app, as well as avoiding the bill payment threshold.