February 25, 2024
PIX: This transfer limit begins to apply Monday night |  pix

PIX: This transfer limit begins to apply Monday night | pix

On Monday (4), the limit of R$1,000 for transfers and payments made by individuals will be applied from 8:00 PM to 6:00 AM, including PIX. Legal entities (companies) will not be affected by this action.

The limit can be changed at the request of the customer through the electronic service channels. However, the financial institution must specify a period of at least 24 hours for the increase to be carried out.

According to the Central Bank, banks should offer their customers the option of registering in advance in accounts that may receive transfers beyond established limits.

The new PIX transfer limit will start from Monday (4)

The new PIX transfer limit will start from Monday (4)

PIX is a real-time, 24-hour resource transfer engine. Recently, technology has been used by criminals to commit fraud.

Limiting transfers and payments is one of the measures announced by the central bank to make PIX more secure and reduce the vulnerability of systems to criminal proceedings.

All changes should take effect on November 16. Among the new measures are preventive blocking of resources in case of suspected fraud and mandatory notifications of rejected transactions.

The central bank also said it had changed the PIX regulation to clarify that banks must be held liable for “frauds arising from the failure of their risk management mechanisms”.

  • Precautionary block: This action will allow the bank that maintains the user’s account to proactively block funds for up to 72 hours in cases of suspected fraud. When the preventive ban is triggered, the organization must notify the customer immediately.
  • Violation Notice: Notice of infringement will not be optional and will become mandatory. The mechanism is intended to allow banks to register a mark in the PIX key, in the user’s CPF / CNPJ and in the account number when there is a “suspicion of fraud”. This information will be shared with other financial institutions to increase fraud prevention mechanisms;
  • Expanded use of information for fraud prevention purposes: A new function will be created allowing to consult information associated with PIX keys. Thus, fraud notification information will be available to all PIX participants, who will be able to use this information in their operations such as, for example, opening accounts;
  • Additional data protection mechanisms: The mechanisms adopted by the banks should, at least, be equal to those applied by the Basel Convention. Banks will also have to establish procedures for identifying and handling cases where major PIX inquiries occur.

“These measures, in the BC assessment, create incentives for participants to increasingly improve security and fraud analysis mechanisms,” the central bank stated in a note.

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