May 31, 2023
alerta de ponto cego

PL want to make blind spot alert mandatory in national cars

Blind Spot Alert has been around for 15 years and has become an element of safety in most modern cars. With sensors located on the sides, the system alerts you to the presence of other vehicles in the vicinity. right Now Bell (PL) 673 / 2022, by Senator Elysian Gama (Citizenship-MA), proposes making the device mandatory in national cars. Thus, the proposal is to include the condition in Brazilian Traffic Code (CTB).

For this purpose, clear IIHS, the body that regulates road safety in the United States. In it, the data claims that side collision sensors reduce the number of lane change accidents by up to 14%. In addition, according to the senator, the adoption of equipment will not have a significant impact on car prices. This is because, on some models, the cost of installing the sensors is less than R$400.

How it works?

In practice, the collision system uses sensors and cameras placed in the mirrors, which detect cars and motorcycles located in areas not visible to the mirror – the so-called blind spot. This way, if there is a vehicle nearby, the sensor emits a light alert in the rearview mirror itself, on the dashboard or inside the A-pillar.

Although it is already present on many models, the device is only part of the more expensive versions. In cars with more advanced driver assistance systems, they work in tandem with other safety technologies. This is the case, for example, with the lane-keeping system and automatic emergency braking.

analysis process

Now, for the next step, it’s up to National Traffic Council (Contrane) Define the schedule, as well as create rules for using the system. Initially, the PL will be analyzed by thematic committees. If approved, it will be submitted to Parliament for consideration. However, it should be noted that Brazilian legislation still does not even require installation Electronic Stability Program (ESP). The mandatory component has been pushed back to 2024. That is, if PL for blind spot alerts becomes law, it will likely take some time before it happens in practice.

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