July 22, 2024

Players are asking for help again

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Players are asking for help again
Players are asking for help again
Brazilians plead for help in Kiev, Ukraine (Photo: reproduction / social networks)

Brazilians plead for help in Kiev, Ukraine (Photo: reproduction / social networks)

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Brazilian soccer players and their family members who are trapped in a bank hotel in the Ukrainian capital, Kiev, A new video was released on Saturday morning, 26th, To demand a position from the Brazilian government in a distress call for help. The group’s spokesman, Marlon, a defender of Shakhtar Donetsk, said that local supplies are running out. See the video above.

Other members of the group also spoke out in the video and complained about Itamaraty’s proposal to get a train to leave the capital without providing a minimum level of security, including clarifying in an open letter that the decision to leave the bunker would be at risk for the athletes and their families.

However, the group believes that it is not possible to leave due to the large number of elderly and children and the lack of security to roam the capital, which is being bombed by the Russian army.

The group also deplored that other countries are already mobilizing to withdraw their citizens, such as the government of Portugal, mentioned in the video. Maicon’s ex-wife, Corinthians, Liara Voinovich, Hawaiian Jabba complained about the lack of support from the Brazilian government in Ukraine She mentioned that people of other nationalities who were also in my bank had help with getting out.

understand the situation

Since 2014, the Donetsk region has declared itself independent from Ukraine and due to geopolitical conflicts, Shakhtar was forced to leave the original city and work in Kiev. The same applies to the Luhansk region. On Monday, Russian President Vladimir Putin recognized the independence of the two provinces.

Russia decided on Thursday to invade Ukraine militarily on the grounds that it was acting in defense of its territorial claims. However, there is little clarity about whether Putin’s state is merely seeking to secure the sovereignty of Donetsk and Luhansk or whether it is planning to expand regionally.

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