July 14, 2024

Pokémon confirms the launch of the game where you need to sleep to play

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Pokémon confirms the launch of the game where you need to sleep to play
Pokémon confirms the launch of the game where you need to sleep to play
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During the annual broadcast in celebration of B Pokemon Daythe The Pokemon Company Bringing updates on major releases to the franchise this year. And the biggest surprise was the reappearance of a strange “game” announced in the past – Pokemon sleepa game where you need to sleep to play.

How do you play Pokemon Sleep?

The company’s proposal is to turn bedtime into entertainment. To play, just leave a file smart phone With the game right next to the pillow before bed. From now on, the app will estimate sleep duration and pattern like other health tracking apps.

Sleep is then categorized into different sleep patterns, the most common ones a napAnd a nap that it sleeping (in free translation). In general, the longer you sleep, the higher your score when you wake up and the more Pokémon available in the app. Watch the explainer video with subtitles in European Portuguese:

What is the story of Pokemon Sleep?

In the game, players will help to search for Professor Neroli on a remote island. He studies the different sleep patterns of Pokémon along with his partner, snorlax. Thus, depending on the progress in the game, a different sleeping Pokémon will appear next to Snorlax when the trainer wakes up.

In the future there will be contact with pokemon go, even if it is not confirmed that the creatures can be transferred to the sister application. So far, only one special Snorlax has been revealed that it will be available in He goesWith a sleeping cap. The games will also share functionality on the new device. Pokemon Go Plus +which will be released worldwide on July 14th.

When does Pokémon Sleep release?

Pokemon sleep It will be available on iOS and Android devices Third quarter of 2023. Officially announced in May 2019And Sleeps It looked like a collective outburst from the fan community. At the time, all I knew about the project was that it would be a way to encourage the public to improve their sleep routine. With nothing new revealed since then, the project fell into oblivion until it resurfaced almost four years later in This Pokémon Day.

Also known as Pokémon Day, and Pokemon Day It is celebrated every year at February 27th. The date marks the release of the first games in the franchise. Pokemon red and bluein Japan with events in the game and advertising news in the franchise’s games, cards, and anime.

What do you think of the idea? Are you ready to sleep with your Pokemon? Be sure to comment!

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