June 18, 2024

Did you just hear about ChatGPT? See 4 amazing tips for using it on your cell phone

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Did you just hear about ChatGPT?  See 4 amazing tips for using it on your cell phone

ChatGPT is one of the most used tools in the world today. Common artificial intelligence can help you in different situations that you want.

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It is designed to solve many everyday problems, independent of their importance, in such a fast way that the answer can come through commands. Its use can vary from professional use, personal use, or just for entertainment.

1. Ask for personal life advice

First of all, it is clear that artificial intelligence does not go through the same situations as a human. However, its extensive database allows it to get an idea and manage simulations of the course of human life, keeping track of the possible events that we encounter in our lives and the reasonable solutions to meet them in the best possible way.

2. Ask for ChatGPT recipes

Are you thinking of making a new dish and still don’t know its ingredients? Simple: ask what is needed and how to prepare it. Among the advantages of AI is the ability to ask questions like this without having to keep switching tabs like in browsers.

Of course, it’s always a good idea to check more places to make sure there aren’t other alternative recipe options or even to make sure it’s the right recipe.

3. Solving mathematical problems

As long as the student is willing to learn and understand the answer thoroughly, it is a welcome option. However, there is no point in asking an AI for an answer and not knowing how to do it in a classroom, for example.

ChatGPT can be an important part of solving your mathematical problems if you follow machine logic and seek to apply it correctly in studies.

There are also other applications aimed specifically at solving mathematical problems. If you are going to resort to such a problem, check your answer elsewhere as well. Also, be careful when entering mathematical items, as one wrong item can change the entire result of an answer.

4. Tricks to improve your writing

The AI ​​is designed for writing well, in such a way that it does not contain errors and your text is understood by all audiences. Through commands, you can also ask her to write with more emotion in her words or in a more solemn manner.

Finally, for an exercise, ask her to write a text on a topic and get inspiration from the words used and their positions in the text. Having a text template in your head makes it easier to understand where you need to go.

Don’t copy and paste what’s inside. Be inspired, but don’t copy. Own a character and make your own adjustments. To train your texts, composing scripts yourself is a great mental exercise.

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