July 14, 2024

Xiaomi 12T Pro: the best value for money in the family? | analysis / review

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Xiaomi 12T Pro: the best value for money in the family?  |  analysis / review
Xiaomi 12T Pro: the best value for money in the family?  |  analysis / review

The Xiaomi 12T Pro brings a 200MP camera at an affordable price for those who care about a powerful sensor, but aren’t willing to pay the exorbitant price for the Xiaomi 12S Ultra. It’s a turbocharged version of the 12T that retains the design while providing a more aggressive platform to handle the more powerful cam.

The look is identical to the cheapest model in the line and also very similar to the others in the Xiaomi 12 family. Gorilla Glass 5. The IP53 certification is simpler against water and doesn’t guarantee the device will stay submerged like we did on the 12S ultra.

The large screen has strong brightness, 120Hz refresh rate, and lower response time than others in the chip, which helps in gaming. The stereo audio has high power and high quality sound, well balanced between bass, mids and treble, without distortion at max.

The Xiaomi 12T comes with Snapdragon 8 Plus Gen 1 options with 8 and 12 GB of RAM. We tested the 8GB one and even with 3GB of storage, it is still common to see Xiaomi cell phone reload apps running in the background. As with the 12T, this too lacks software optimization. At the very least, all of the games we tested ran smoothly and at maximum quality.

On the other hand, the battery impresses by guaranteeing autonomy throughout the day. As much as its power hasn’t been increased compared to its predecessor, we’ve seen significant gains in duration. The charger is the same 120W charger as before and takes less than half an hour to fully fill the battery.

And we come to the most important point of the Xiaomi 12T Pro: the powerful 200MP camera. Don’t be fooled by the higher resolution, it only beats the Xiaomi 12S Ultra which only has a 50MP camera, but it does come with a larger sensor that captures more light and detail. Overall, the 12T Pro’s photographic suite hits more than it misses, but the macro camera can be swapped out for an ultra-wide angle with autofocus.

Is it worth buying the Xiaomi 12T Pro? It proves to be a more interesting option than the 12T, considering the small price difference. The disappointing part is the RAM and HDR management which don’t always help when shooting in light. To check all the details, simply access the full analysis through the link below:

Below you will find offers for Xiaomi 12T Pro:

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