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Premier has Galisto slip, emptiness and bullshit in the first booth

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Premier has Galisto slip, emptiness and bullshit in the first booth

farm 13 “It premiered last night and Adrian Galisto, the first female anchor on reality show From RecordTV, it was one of the highlights of the night When I ended up getting blanks from the release pawns and making some spurious errors.

With names like Nego do Borel, Dayane Mello and Tati Quebra Barraco in the cast, the program was already Your first disagreementAnd The first specific bay even A moment of sympathy between the “cancelled”. Find out what the “A Fazenda 2021” premiere was like:

“She comes voluntarily!”

Galisteu tried to play with 20 pawns from reality It appears on your first direct contact. But the prisoners did not understand the journalist’s lines and left her in a vacuum.

First, excited about pedestrian animation, Galisto tried to play a joke about her old show on SBT: “Looks like we rehearsed for it. farmersI asked, don’t say hello, say…”.

The passersby kept silent without understanding, but shouted “farm” thinking it was something to do with the program. The announcer laughed, but did not hide her frustration.

Well, it was “The Farm”, but it was “How are you, Galisto”. Next time, we’ll fix it. Adrien Galistio

A Fazenda 2021: Adriane Galisteu at the reality premiere - Clone / RecordTV - Clone / RecordTV

A Fazenda 2021: Adriane Galisteu at the reality show premiere

Photo: Playback / RecordTV

Galisto then asked those interested in the reality show award to raise their hands. He said, “I want to know who has blood in their eyes for the opposition about the R$2 million at risk. Raise your hand and shout ‘Oh my God’.” The introduction was in a vacuum, again, as she tried to play and asked the participants to pay attention:

Nobody went. I will be back again. Listen to me I speak first. I want to know who has blood on their eyes to protest the two million Brazilian reals at stake. Raise your hand and shout huh. Adrien Galistio

After the pedestrians’ timid demonstrations, Galisto warned that he wanted to see everyone “with blood in their eyes” inside “A Fazenda 13”.

Good. They are excited. It is for the first time. I loved the animation. Also because there are R$1.5 million for the winner and other prizes of R$500,000 for the whole season. come voluntarily. I want you guys! Adrien Galistio

A Fazenda 2021: Pedestrian talk with Adriane Galisteu - clone / RecordTV - clone / RecordTV

The Farm 2021: Pedestrians talk to Adriane Galisteu

Photo: Playback / RecordTV

The ‘straw fire’ coming there

With a stab at “The Masked Singer,” a realistic musical on Rede Globo, which runs around the same time period as “A Fazenda,” Galisto warned the audience that the thirteenth version of “A Fazenda” had no masked participant or dressed up to please anyone..

Here there is neither a masked pawn nor a dressed pawn. Whoever gets out of tune, faces the people’s whip and the presenter makes a good joke. Adrien Galistio

The introduction also noted that she was accomplished with the opportunity to drive “A Fazenda 13” and promised to act in favor of the famous “fire in the hay” of pedestrian socialization.

Baby, very good night. We live for the whole of Brazil and it’s my turn to say that. Oh my God thank you so much. With Farm 13, it takes off, full of news and let’s get started, with the presenter talking to you. I am ready to turn Itapecerica da Serra into Itapecericas das Chamas. Adrien Galistio

just a peek

Between one VT and another, Adriane Galisteu released “Let’s Take a Peek” – a term Pedro Biel uses for “Big Brother Brazil”. Quickly, she exchanged the word for action: “Let’s take a look.”

“We Three Canceled Edition”

Chat with Nego do Borel during a pedestrian procedure to get to know each other on the first day, Rico Melquiades took the opportunity to warn the singer of the dangers of eliminating the reality show due to the fame of “The Cancellator”..

Like, you’re in, you know, I don’t know you saw that, but people said the first ones to be left out were me, you or MC Gui. The three of us have been cancelled. This would be really good to show people. Rico Melquiades

Nego do Borel says he is aware of how the public views him and understands that only his actions in confinement can land him in contention for the R$1.5 million prize:

Sure, man. It is in the hands of the people. Nego do Borel

A Fazenda 2021: Nego do Borel and Rico Melquiades talk about Cancellation - Cloning / RecordTV - Cloning / RecordTV

The Farm 2021: Nego do Borel and Rico Melquiades talk about cancellation

Photo: Playback / RecordTV

Solange, Nego, Victor, Dynho, Mussunzinho and Dayane at the booth

The 20 infantrymen have already decided which of the six detainees will go to the first booth of the edition and who will remain in the comfort of HQ.. The six Gulf residents will be barred from taking the first farmer’s test, which will take place tomorrow.

Solange, Nego de Borrell, Victor Pecoraro, Dinho, Mosonzinho and Diane were the “happy” chosen to be in the bay, And wake up with a horse stealing a blanket.

Farm 2021: The horse wakes up the pawns of the stall - Play / PlayPlus - Play / PlayPlus

Farm 2021: The horse wakes up the pawns of the stall

Photo: Playback / PlayPlus

Initially, the pawns had to split into six pairs, leaving two pawns. Valentina Francavilla and Thiago Picuelo were left after the three were identified, and after detecting a sign, they automatically discovered they were at headquarters.

Then, in three rounds, each participant had to justify why they were staying at HQ. The “privilege” was determined by the votes of the other participants.

Some promised to cook for other pedestrians that Victor Pecoraro even cited a problem with the sciatic nerve to justify his stay at the headquarters.

Diane Melo, Rico Melquiades and MC Guy

When deciding who would stay in the booth and who would stay at the headquarters, the pawns had already exchanged barbs. Diane Melo got caught up in the terms of the reality show and ended up defending his residency in the bay, a wish granted by Rico and MC Gui.

“Well, I asked to go to the booth,” Rico Melquiades concluded sarcastically. “No, I vote because she voted for me,” he added, explaining himself, and got the backing of MC Gui.

If you’re going to vote for me now, I’ll naturally vote for you next time as well, so be very careful,” warned Diane. Bill asked, “I’m talking to you?” The model nodded.

Then, understanding what had happened, Diane complained about the attitude of passersby. “They will try to get me out of this house,” he said, “but they will not succeed.”

At the fourth, the Italian breathed for Medrado, noting that she had received a different treatment. She said, “People will want to kick me out because somehow they think I have no right. Like, ‘She came from Italy.'”

2021 Farm: Dayane Mello slots after barbs with MC Gui and Rico Melquiades - Playback / Record TV - Playback / Record TV

The Farm 2021: Diane Melo exits with Medrado after exchanging criticism with MC Gui and Rico Melquiades

Photo: TV playback / recording

come “intolerance”

Tati Quebra Barraco has already shown that he’s not in “A Fazenda 13” for a walk. At the reality show premiere on RecordTV, funkeira said that she already came to know about the fake friendships and even announced how she will handle the situation, claiming zero tolerance.

Galisto asked, “Donna Tati Cuibra Barako, it’s your turn, woman. Listen, do you think at the beginning of the game you can really distinguish between that sincere and insincere friendship? Have you discovered it? Talk about it,” and Tati replied:

Yes, it is possible to find out who is and who is not, yes. Where did you come from, right? Take your first farmer’s test and send it straight to the farm. Tate Brix Shack

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