February 6, 2023

Promoting Atltico, Fuchs reveals how he can contribute to Coudet’s scheme

Photo: Pedro Souza/Atletico Madrid

Defender Bruno Fuchs is strengthening Atlético’s defensive system on loan until December 2023

“I can help a lot with Chacho’s scheme with ball out and possession as well, so that we have a lot of ball. (Codit) is a coach who knows me. I’m new (in Brazilian football), but I’m with more experience. Europe makes us learn a bit more And we gain more experience,” he said.

Fox was an absolute starter with Codit at Inter. He played 12 matches with the coach in Colorado – only one of which started on the bench, when he was selected as an alternate team to duel against Caxias, for the Campeonato Gacho, in the midst of Copa Libertadores commitments.

“(Codit) is a coach I know, I know (like) his way of training and his way of playing. I know the whole commission (his style), I also know some of the (assistants) who were here, like Cristiano and Maya. I’ve already been able to work with them, and it’s a committee I know,” comment.

In fact, Bruno played little with Internacional. In 2020, the year the COVID-19 pandemic began, Brazilian football was paralyzed between March and July. When the games resumed, he was soon traded to CSKA.

The Russian club paid 8 million euros (about 51 million Brazilian reals at the time) to buy Bruno Fox. The contract provided for an additional €1.5 million (R$9.6 million) for production items.

The defender has played some matches in a CSKA jersey. Football in Russia was stopped for a long time due to the war between the country and Ukraine. This season he appeared in eight of the team’s 14 games – five as a starter.

Fox has other old acquaintances at Atlético

In addition to Coudet, Bruno Fuchs has other old acquaintances in the cast Athlete🇧🇷 The defender recalled partnering Guilherme Arana and Paulinho in winning Brazil the gold medal at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics.

He explained, “Me, Paulinho and Arana (won the gold medal with Brazil). (In addition to them I know) other players who participated with us in the (Olympic) tournament, such as Alan.”