February 25, 2024
Renato Mauricio Prado says: "Benzema's problem is a personal problem"

Renato Mauricio Prado says: “Benzema’s problem is a personal problem”

France prepares to face Argentina in the UEFA Champions League final Qatar World CupTomorrow (18) noon (from Brasilia). For this match, Benzema, the 2022 Ballon d’Or winner, He is out and continues to collect quarrels🇧🇷

On UOL News Copa, broadcast daily from 9 am, commentator Renato Mauricio Prado highlighted the quality of Real MadridBut he pointed out the problem that prevents him from succeeding in the French national team.

“I, if he had been 100%, would have taken him and put him on the bench, at least. Because he was the best player in the world. Benzema’s problem is, I would say, character. Character. Benzema is a tough guy, a guy who wasn’t in the last cup precisely because of a problem with his The relationship. He was only called up for this match because he was already the best player in the world last season. So Deschamps was kind of unable to play it,” he said.

“Let’s remember the episode with Benzema that shows his character well, that conversation that leaked in the tunnel, at the entrance to the Real Madrid stadium, before Vinicius Jr. scored, saying to his colleague’s look, don’t pass the ball to this guy who’s not here, because he’s playing against, when he has The ball, he passes it to me, but he does not pass it to him. This conversation leaked, it was a scandal. After Vinnie Jr. started playing well and passing, then he became Vinnie’s best friend,” he said.

He added, “Therefore, Benzema’s problem is more related to acting and even personality than playing football.”

Is the dispute for a third worthy?

Today (17) noon, Morocco and Croatia will play the penultimate match of the World Cup, to take third place in the World Cup. The game divided opinions, but it was Walter who stood up for it Big house🇧🇷

“They will talk to Morocco, who reached the semi-finals for the first time, and they will say they won’t play, there won’t be a third and a fourth. They will finish third in the World Cup,” Kassau said.

“Croatia, who finished second in 2018, had an emotional fall, got eliminated, got three, and Argentina got run over. Maybe the Croatia players thought ‘wow, I’d rather not play.’ But the other team wants to play. On the other hand, the This team is making the greatest history of an African team in the World Cup,” he continued.

Cup makes Messi greater than Maradona?

Tomorrow’s decision may give the World Cup title Messi And renewed discussions about the greatest Argentine of all time. Casagrande, RMP and Rafael Oliveira discuss how big the game is.

“So Messi is playing tomorrow to be the world champion, to be the best in the cup and to equal or surpass Maradona?” Cassao asked.

Exactly. It’s heavy, but it Lionel Messi🇧🇷 This guy can do it, said RMP.

“Argentina needs him a lot to be a champion. And if he is a champion and plays well, he is the best in the cup. And if he is a champion, the vast majority of people agree that he passes Maradona, or at least the popular links in the world, especially in Argentina, with Maradona. Play life, play history,” Cassau evaluated.

The best of the cup

Commentators were also invited to compile their choices, and choose the perfect teams with the players who played in the World Cup in Qatar. Only one Brazilian player managed to appear in the squad.

Another scandal for Qatar

Journalist Jamil Chad has been invited to report on another controversy involving the World Cup host country. This time Qatar is being investigated for corrupting the European Parliament.

“What Qatar has been doing over the past 10 years is buying its place in the world. Why stop at official purchases? What it did specifically is to go after someone who could protect it from any international criticism,” said Jamil Chad.

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