July 21, 2024

Promotions over 90% will expire forever

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Promotions over 90% will expire forever
Promotions over 90% will expire forever

You know these Amazing Deals of games steam Which we always share here? They are usually very good at saving and have discounts of up to 90% In some games.

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Every now and then you can find a great promotion and be lucky enough to get a game that is over 90% off or even a paid game that was free.

Unfortunately, as of March, this will no longer happen. But calm down: promotions will continue (including selections here on the site), but no more than 90% discounts will be offered on platform games, this is announced by Steam.

Recently, the platform announced several new rules in the policy of sales and publishing of games and other products and this is one of them.

And despite the ban, they also reported that discounts of less than 10% will not be valid either. That is, it is necessary to put a promotional value of the games at a minimum of 10% and at most 90%.

These were rules set up specifically for companies selling their games on the platform, and the rules also include limiting custom discounts from one day to two weeks and banning discounts on a product within 28 days of a coin price increase.

In addition, other rules will also come into effect such as a ban on changing the price of a game/product currently on sale, an interval of at least four weeks between one discount and another and more.

These are great ways to prevent what we call “black fraud” here in Brazil, which is when companies increase the value of a product to give a “discount”, which, in the end, equals the base price.

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