June 13, 2024

Pronampe begins the new phase of credit contracting

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Pronampe begins the new phase of credit contracting

An ordinance allowing the contracting of credit in the Pronampe domain has been published as of next Monday (25)

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Last Monday (18), the Ministry of Economie in the Official Gazette of the Federation (DOU), where credit Within the scope of the National Support Program for Small and Micro Enterprises (Pronampe) as of next Monday (25).

According to the text, credit operations in the program can be formalized by participating financial institutions until December 31, 2024.


Expectations are that between R$30 billion and R$40 billion will be made available in Brnamby by December of this year. For this program, the interest rate will be Selic, which is currently 13.25% – plus 6%. In this way, the rate loans It will be 19.25% per year.


Pronampe was divided into two phases, the first being an emergency, when it consisted of three phases. And now it’s permanent, with only one phase so far for this method.

In June 2020, upon the first appointment of loans By Pronampe, the interest rate charged in the program was among the lowest on the market, when Selic was 2.25% per annum, plus 1.25% per annum, at a total cost of 3.5% per annum.

permanent conscience

However, in June 2021, Pronampy was reissued and became permanent. Thus, there was a rate hike, which went up to Selic, which was 3.5% per annum, plus 6% per annum, at a total interest rate of 9.5% per annum.

According to the rules regarding new loans, the amount granted through Pronampe will be a maximum of 30% of the company’s total annual revenue, based on the year prior to contracting.

In short, companies with a term of less than one year can get a loan of up to 50% of the capital or up to 30% of their average total monthly revenue since they started their activities. You can choose whichever is more useful.

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