June 1, 2023
PS Plus will charge for old upgrade discounts [rumor]

PS Plus will charge for old upgrade discounts [rumor]

[Atualização 25/05 às 17:25] PlayStation has become public with its withdrawal about what happened with PS Plus. What happened, according to Sony, was a technical error for Asian subscribers. be seen:

Due to a technical error, the upgrade price was incorrectly charged to players in Asia who bought PS Plus at a discount. The bug has been fixed and affected players will receive credits. We thank you for your patience.

[Original] New launch PS Plus In Asia, a series of novelties such as the list of games and other features of the service appeared, but not everything went well. After the rebellion of the Asian players with the price of changing levelsSony support had confirmed that previous discounts would not be taken into account in the upgrade.

The supposed email of the Japanese company was revealed on the forum VGTime (And VGC website translation). The statement presents potential future complications for those who have taken advantage of the offers to secure a subscription. In short, the company’s customer service said the following:

  • Those who subscribe to PS Plus at a discount, need to cover the difference when moving from the Standard (Basic) plan to the other (Extra or Deluxe).
  • If you want to stay on the basic plan, no fees will be charged;
  • When upgrading, if any promotional value has been previously used by the customer, it will be charged. For example, if you get R$50 off the rate, you will have to pay the upgrade plus R$50 to access the other benefits;
  • The system will calculate the conversion automatically by showing the options to customer service at the time of upgrade;

Another topic not mentioned above is causing headaches for Asian players. Those who have accrued subscriptions to the Standard plan and want to take advantage of others’ improvements, need to pay the full price for the remaining time. That is, if the expiration date is in the year 2024, then the conversion will take place up to the said period.

(Source: PlayStation)

Sony has yet to comment on these potential issues reported by customers in Asia. So, Worth waiting for an official statement To better understand how this works in our country on June 13th.

Depending on the game, new PS Plus experiences last up to five hours

Sony will offer select gaming experiences to PS Plus Deluxe subscribers. Even after promising to hit the titles for only two hours, games like Horizon Forbidden West and Cyberpunk 2077 can be enjoyed for up to five hours. research!