May 31, 2023
Rescue dog of Russian army by Ukrainian forces

Rescue dog of Russian army by Ukrainian forces

Max the dog learned commands in Ukrainian and is now working with the country’s forces

Photo: Twitter / ng_ukraine / Estadão

The soldiers abandoned her RussiansA special forces war dog is currently saving lives Ukrainian. According to the British Daily StarAnd the above He was found wearing a camouflage collar of Russian military dogs.

A 3-year-old Belgian Malinois Shepherd was found wearing a camouflaged Russian Military Dog collar. The animal was starving and nearly failed in an area devastated by the attacks of Vladimir Putin’s forces.

After receiving the necessary care, the dog was adopted by the Ukrainian army who trained him to understand the language spoken by soldiers. Max’s new job is to sniff out booby traps and mines left by the Russians.

Max belongs to the Kremlin troops who captured a village in the Mykolaiv region near the Black Sea. He was abandoned when the troops retreated and survived to feast on spoiled food.

A British soldier was surprised by the dog’s abandonment. “They are very loyal, but Max is clearly convinced that the Ukrainians are now their new owners,” the soldier told the newspaper.