February 27, 2024
PVC highlights Botafogo's "building foundation";  Rizk praises Luis Castro's changes

PVC highlights Botafogo’s “building foundation”; Rizk praises Luis Castro’s changes

under construction in SAF (Sociedad Anónima do Futebol)The Botafogo has won car by 3 to 1 inch Arena Castellao Leaving fans optimistic. It was the coach’s first match. Luis Castro on the edge of the field. commentator Paulo Vinicius Coelho Highlighted the formation of a new structure.

– Botafogo did not beat Ciara there in Brazilian Championship Since 1980, even with a few games out there. It is very telling to come back to Wiener. Ciara in the First Division is doing the middle block campaigns, and Botafogo is back. The project is very serious, but it has to build the foundation. This is what Luis Castro does. Soon you will see a window, a living room, a kitchen, until you reach the roof – PVC summarized, in the podcast “A Mesa”, by “GE”.

– although (Louis) Oyama She has a very great lung capacity to disarm and reach forward Patrick de Paula He is a second midfielder, who will take a shot on goal. It is important to study the characteristics of the player and the best conditions they present. Patrick de Paula, if he is understanding and dedicated, will improve as a player and help Botafogo’s campaign, which if he is a mediator, will be very strong, a foundation and a good entry into what’s to come – he added.

journalist Andre Rizk Luis Castro’s tactical look raised from match to match.

– Changed according to what he saw from the platform, main pieces, left side, Jonathan It was a mistake, a reversal of the midfielders (Luis Oyama for the first midfielder and Patrick de Paula for the second midfielder), (Lucas) Biazon. It was fast, and that’s what catches the eye. Notice the win and get it – the most prominent livelihood.