June 14, 2024

Rafaella Justus appears as a bridesmaid with her baby sister at the wedding

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Rafaella Justus appears as a bridesmaid with her baby sister at the wedding

Girl Rafaella Justus was fascinated by posing as a bridesmaid with her little sister Manuella

the girl Raffaella JustosShe was 12 and her little sister Manuela, 2, were bridesmaids at her aunt Joe Pinheiro’s wedding. The sister of TV presenter Tician Pinheiro got married last weekend.

NS Raffaella Justos And charm Manuela Tralee as bridesmaids at the ceremony. The girls wore the same dresses, both white and with long sleeves and sash details around the waist.

When Tician Pinheiro introduced her daughters as bridesmaids, she melted to the girls, saying, “With my princesses at my sister’s wedding, Joe Pinheiro, with my brother-in-law, Eduardo!”.

Many celebrities were just compliments of Raffaella Justos And Manuela Tralee as bridesmaids. “Jatas!” Lieutenant Colonel Renata Alves commented. Presenter Monica Salgado commented on the photo with hearts.

Netizens were also praising girls as bridesmaids. One netizen commented: “How beautiful it is!” Another netizen also said: “Very beautiful! Two little princesses!”. And one netizen said: “How beautiful it is! Both mother and daughters!”. As one netizen said: “How beautiful you are all! Manu is always smiling! My love!”. Another Internet user was surprised by Manuella’s growth: “Wow, the baby has grown so much! That’s cute!”.

Teichi Pinheiro also spoke about the feeling of seeing her sister get married after seven years of relationship. “Today my sister is getting married! A special day for everyone in our family. Jo and Edo, may you both be very happy, because you both respect each other with so much companionship, so much patience, so much unity, friendship, admiration, and above all, so much love! Nice to see you with this family getting along so well and united! Lol, Olivia and Felipe. I love you. Edu, welcome to the Pinheiro family! You’ve been part of our family for 7 years, but it’s now official,” said the presenter.

Raffaella Justos and Manuela as bridesmaids

Brazil News Agency Rafaela Justos and Manuela as bridesmaids alongside Tician Pinheiro

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