April 13, 2024
Ragnarok Explains Why Thor Doesn't Look Like Marvel • Eurogamer.pt

Ragnarok Explains Why Thor Doesn’t Look Like Marvel • Eurogamer.pt

“We wanted to delve deeper into the myths themselves.”

During the PlayStation Showcase released a few days ago, a new trailer for God of War: Ragnarok was revealed, one of the most anticipated games by PS5 and PS4 users (you can watch the trailer below).

However, this new trailer wasn’t the only novelty revealed by Santa Monica Studios, as it also showed off one of the new characters from the sequel and one of the most famous names in Norse mythology: Thor.

Thor appears at the end of the original game – neither his face nor his name is revealed, but since there is a close-up of a hammer soaked in sparks, there was no doubt that she was the Norse deity.

Now, Thor’s general appearance for God of War: Ragnarok has been revealed, being a completely different version of what we’re used to in Marvel movies, played by Chris Hemsworth.

When asked before detective game About Thor’s appearance, Game Director (Eric Williams) and Creative Director (Corey Barlog) said:

“Well, I don’t know, we wanted him to be a big guy, you know. Role-playing in Marvel is one thing. It’s interesting. We wanted, you know, to dig a little deeper into the myths themselves,” says Williams of Thor who has a more round body type. “.

Cory Balrog further reveals that you don’t need to model someone’s body to convey strength and power: “I think there’s something so wonderful about it that not everything needs to have this kind of brilliant muscle mass concept to be cool and powerful and intimidating.”

However, according to Williams, this version of Thor would be a little immature because he has all that power. “I wanted him to be a big kid, you know, as if the fact that he’s so powerful and does so much is keeping him from growing.”

You can see the Thor version of God of War and the Marvel version played by Chris Hemsworth below.