June 30, 2022
Razer will sell the RGB Zephyr Mask in Brazil from January for R$999

Razer will sell the RGB Zephyr Mask in Brazil from January for R$999

The company will also bring other products, including the Razer Enki Pro gaming chair which will cost R$10,999.

You can keep the money! in january to Scanner It will let you new RGB Sapphire Mascara in Brazil! product that It was definitely announced this week during Razercon 2021You will have protection N95, used to fight against (a) COVID-19 It will be released in the United States for $99. The price of the product will be in our country 999 BRL, as reported by TechTudo, is nearly double the price charged in the US (in direct transfer).

Among the main features of the model exhalationAnd, in addition to the RGB lights of course, we have a transparent screen in the mouth, which allows for expressions so they don’t get discouraged, it houses a battery that can be charged with a USB-C cable and works with tiny fans running to perform air circulation, along with N95 filters to ensure what’s not filtered out Less than 95% of the particles. It is worth noting that the appearance of the mask as a whole is very futuristic, which will attract many eyes wherever you go.

See below a video (in English) with more details of the new model.

In addition to the value of the new mask, the prices of other products announced in Razercon 2021. a Scanner You will bring three chairs from the new line inkyspecially developed for gamers, razr inkyAnd razr inky x it’s at Razr Inky Pro Which brings an excellent finish, and the cost 3,999 BRLAnd 2,999 BRL NS 10.999 BRL Respectively, see more details about the new chairs click here.

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Other items that will arrive in Brazil include the phone Kraken V3 Pro This will cost 1,999 BRLModel Kraken V3 Hypersense by 1,499 BRL The new wave will be cheaper Kraken V3.0 by 999 BRL. You can see detailed information about the new headphones. click here.

What do you think about the price charged in Brazil Scanner for new exhale mask with RGB? And other products Do you want to buy one? Share in the comments what you think!

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