April 13, 2024
Reinforcements decided by Lucas Lima and Joaquim, Santos wins Cilandia and advances in the Copa do Brasil

Reinforcements decided by Lucas Lima and Joaquim, Santos wins Cilandia and advances in the Copa do Brasil

Joaquim scored the Peixe goal (Photo: Raul Barreta/Santos)

Joaquim scored the Peixe goal (Photo: Raul Barreta/Santos)

Photo: Lance!

With the starting participation of newly appointed Lucas Lima and Joaquim, Santos beat Cilandia 1-0 this Thursday (23rd), at the Estádio Serejão, in Brasilia. With the result, Peixe secured qualification for the next stage of the competition Brazil Cup.

In the first half, Alvinegro had several chances to open the scoring, but they were stopped by good tackles from goalkeeper Henrique. Meanwhile, the team slowed down in the second half, but still managed to win by the fewest points. If the match ends in a tie, the Sao Paulo Coast team will also qualify, having the tie-breaking advantage of being in a better position in the CBF rankings.

Santos presses, but “plays” with danger

Until the 12th minute of the first stage, Bixi created at least three good chances. Angelo joined Lucas Lima and missed a clear opportunity, and Mendoza received a cross and isolated him, and Marcos Leonardo hit a free kick that Henrique saved and the ball hit the crossbar.

The key word in the first half was putting pressure on Alvinegro. However, a poor defensive re-formation of the team allowed Cilandia to have at least three great chances, with Milla, Joao Afonso and Dugao.

Less volume, but the feature is what it’s worth

Alvengro slowed down on the second stage and took no chances. Despite creating fewer scoring chances, Cilandia’s side scored better and prevented the opposition from getting close to the goal defended by Joao Paulo.

Reinforcements decide

He scored the season with three assists, Lucas Lima hit a corner kick, and defender Joaquim headed in and scored his first goal in a Santos shirt. The duo was hired in 2023 and brought an important win for Peixe.


Santos, seeded for the second stage of the Brazilian Cup, faces the winner of Iguatu-CE x América-RN, who will play next Thursday (2). In Paulistao, Peixe will face rivals Corinthians on Sunday (26), at Villa Belmero, at 4 pm.

Also on Sunday, Cilandia will visit Samambaya to participate in the Brazilian Championship.

Qandil 0 x 1 Santos

Brazil Cup – First Stage

date and time: February 23, 2023, Thursday, 8 p.m. (Brasilia time)

local: Serejao Stadium in Brasilia

to rule: Ramon Abate Abel

Assistants: Clipper Lucio Gil and Thiago Americano Labs

Yellow cards: Andrey, Maicon, and Euler (Cylandia); Mark Leonardo (Saints)

red card:

Goal: Joachim


Henrik. Julio Oliveira, Eller, Joao Afonso and China; Andrey (Werick/27′ 2T), Dogão (Filipe Cirne/7′ 2T) and Geovane; Gabriel (Felipe Clemente / 21′ 2T), Mila (Wesley / 27′ 2T) and Joao de Dios (Maycon / 27′ 2T). Technical: Adelson de Almeida.


John Powell; Joao Lucas, Maicon, Joaquim and Felipe Jonatan (Lucas Peris / 38′ 2T); Rodrigo Fernandez, Dodi (Vinicius Ballero / 38′ 2T) and Lucas Lima (Lucas Barbosa / 30′ 2T); Angelo (Lucas Braga / 11′ 2T), Marcos Leonardo and Mendoza (Ivonei / 11′ 2T). Technical: Oder Heilmann.