June 25, 2024

Rger Guedes reveals his annoyance with fake playing 9 and praises Renato as a midfielder: ‘Brazil’s best’

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Rger Guedes reveals his annoyance with fake playing 9 and praises Renato as a midfielder: 'Brazil's best'

In the last match for Corinthians, Renato Augusto returned to the team’s midfield, after a period tested as a reference in attack. This change benefited the player who scored a great goal and provided an assist to Roger Geddes as well to score against Cuiaba. About this testing phase, The 123 shirt revealed that he had applied to Sylvinho to leave the striker’s position.

“When I was 9, Sylvinho’s request to be a 9 was wrong, he moved a lot. But I’m upset about not getting the ball, I need to get the ball, or else I’ll end up disconnecting from the game. Of course, the attacker is there more to identify, as we didn’t have many chances that bothered me. He chose Renato, who would leave the area a little further. I feel more comfortable (open)I can make a machete, especially when there’s air. I played as a second striker in China and at Atlético MG. Guedes said, in an interview with the program beta friends, Act BandSports, Strengthen Talked by Renato Augusto about acting like a fake 9.

The duo is part of the quartet that joined Timão in half a year, along with Giuliano and William. The two came from Chinese football, where they played for different teams. Roger Guedes celebrated the opportunity to play alongside Renato who, according to the striker, is the best midfielder in activity in Brazil.

“Everyone knows, as Sylvinho knows, he’s the best midfield in Brazil. I couldn’t wait to play with him, the amount of goals he gave China was a joke. If he was in my team, I would. I’d be richer”Guedes joked.

With a total of six goals so far wearing the Alfinegra shirt, the striker has scored all the goals inside the New Coimica Arena. Despite the favorable moment at home, the athlete realized the importance of repeating goals while playing as a visitor.

“Very big teams, the fans are paying. I played without fans and couldn’t wait for my debut, for me I should have had fans in my debut (against Palmeiras) as well, which was an excellent match and I will remember it for the rest of my life. Eager to score an away goal, Honestly. There are five against the green teams and one against Bahia, I hope the first comes out of the house against Flamengo.”

Corinthians and Flamengo meet on Wednesday evening, at 9:30 pm, in round 33 of the Campionato Brasileiro, in the Maracana.

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