June 13, 2024

Focus on the final? The possibility of a Hurricane backup team not escaping Dodo at Atletico MG: a ‘trap’ | Athlete – mg

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Focus on the final?  The possibility of a Hurricane backup team not escaping Dodo at Atletico MG: a 'trap' |  Athlete - mg

Atlético-MG ends, on Monday, preparations for the duel against Atletico, this Tuesday, at 4 pm, in the Arena da Baixada. A dangerous match, according to Dodo, who will replace Guilherme Arana, who is suspended for a third yellow card.

Dodo will be one of the key players in the match against Atletico – Photo: Pedro Sousa/Atletico MG

This is because it is not yet officially known whether Atletico will send his best to the field, because next weekend they will face the Sudamericana final, in one match against Bragantino. The situation that marked the dodo as a trap

“I think it could be very dangerous for us. It could be a trap for our team. If we think Atletico will get into thinking about the final, it would be a big mistake.”

Dudu also points out that the severe lack of information on his starting lineup and artificial turf poses difficulties for Gallo in Tuesday’s duel.

– I agree (lack of information makes it difficult). It’s a tough game, a very tough field, as they’ve had a lot of success in the past few years. I think it makes it a little difficult for you not to have a lot of information, but we focused on preparing our squad, thinking about what needs to be done in order to play a good game there in Curitiba.

Even if Atletico enters with the mixed or reserve team, Dodo is promising respect, due to the campaigns in Sudamericana and also in Copa do Brasil, where he will be battling for the title against Galo himself. The clashes will be in December.

– It would be wrong on our part to underestimate an opponent who had a very good year, in the Sudamericana final, the final of Copa do Brasil, an opponent with advantages. I’m sure he’ll play against us there to win that game at home too – he did the analysis.

Gallo is still in Belo Horizonte for his last practice session on Monday afternoon. The club will travel on Monday, with a scheduled arrival in Curitiba around 17:00. The match between Atlético and Atlético-PR will be broadcast by Globo (from the state of Minas Gerais).

Partner Galo na Veia – Atlético-MG – Photo: Disclosure

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