February 27, 2024
Roberto Carlos's 2021 special mission is almost impossible;  Know any TV news

Roberto Carlos’s 2021 special mission is almost impossible; Know any TV news

A definite event like Christmas and New Year parties in the Brazilian year-end calendar, and Roberto Carlos Special on Globo takes place on Wednesday (22). This will be King’s first non-released TV show since 2018 — for the past two years, the network has been airing reruns. The 2021 bid’s mission shouldn’t be labeled “the worst in history” and reflect a string of negative records. But it won’t be easy.

The attraction is scheduled to begin at 22:20 right after that place in the sun. Herein lies the problem. Traditionally, Special Roberto Carlos relies on the plot performance that precedes it to get good rates.

It has been airing since November 8th, 9 AM Globo series from Low tide band of all time, with a smaller audience than rebroadcasts during the pandemic. In greater Sao Paulo, the country’s main market, the series has 22.6 points, 17% less audience than its predecessor, Empire, is also considered below average for the range.

the King’s last show with public standing was held on TV in 2017 And it aired after a chapter from The Other Part of Heaven – Walcyr Carrasco’s series averaged 35.8 points that day. Result: Show score 31.2 from ibope.

From the following year onwards, Roberto Carlos’ shows began to generate less interest. In 2018, when it was broadcast after the failure of The Seventh Guardian, the program scored 21.2 points and His record is negative so far – On that day, the plot scored 25.0 points.

In 2019, the Spanish singles show “stole” the brand from the previous year and won an award Worst audience in 45 years of broadcasting. There was only 17.5 on average, the first time he’s scored below 20 points. The attraction was broadcast in the form of a replay, with excerpts from performances in Curitiba, Miami, New York, Lisbon, Madrid and London. Previously, Amor de Mãe scored 25.4%.

Last year, even glued to a class of A Força do Querer scored 29.6 points, The concert replay recorded in Jerusalem was 18.8, the second least private view ever.

The average Am Lugar or Sol on Wednesdays in Greater São Paulo is 23.3 points. The trend is for the 2021 special to inherit below average compared to previous years and close to 2016, when A Lei do Amor scored 22.7 on premiere day –Roberto Carlos did a miracle and practically kept the TV series public at a close of 21.8 pips that year.

See below a table with Roberto Carlos’ private audiences in the past five years and series catalogs that preceded him:

general court session
a novel court session
from the novel
2020 18.8 points power of desire 29.6 points
2019 17.5 points mother’s love 25.4 points
2018 21.2 points The seventh guard 25.0 points
2017 31.2 points The other side of heaven 35.8 points
2016 21.8 points love law 22.7 points

Roberto Carlos concert on Globo in 2021

Special for this year Recorded again at Globo Studios. The station treats the presentation as the 80-year-old artist’s reunion with the audience and friends after the pandemic.

Jota Quest, Erasmo Carlos, Wanderléa, Fafá de Belém, Liah Soares, Zezé Di Camargo & Luciano, Zeca Pagodinho, Ivete Sangalo, the couple Sandy and Lucas Lima, as well as members of the Resgate Para A Vida choir, are the evening’s guests.

“It is an important message that Roberto Carlos is doing the special again, there is no end of the year without the King. The audience can expect a lot of emotion with being reunited in a show that is done with great care and delivers a message of hope,” Special Artistic Director Roberto Carlos, LP Simonetti, in a press release.