June 23, 2024

Robson scores, Fortaleza defeats Cuiaba away from home and leaves Brazil’s lantern – PLAY

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Robson scores, Fortaleza defeats Cuiaba away from home and leaves Brazil's lantern - PLAY

a Energy won again in Brazilian. Robson’s goal, still in the first half, defeated Tricolor Cuiaba 1-0 This Sunday (31), in a game The 20th round of the Italian Serie A 2022. The Pantanal Squarein Mato Grosso, he received a duel.

With another three points, the team led by Vojvoda moved up to Eighteenth place It adds 18 points. This is the fourth victory for the lion in the tournament. Fortaleza will face Internacional in the next round. The duel takes place on Sunday (7), at Arena Castellao, at 18:00 (Brasilia time).


the game

First time

Cuiaba initially put pressure on Alisson, who fired a quick counter-attack. Aunt perverted. Dorado gave the tricolor defense a panic attack with the striker, a move that Fernando Miguel defended. The owners of the house tried again, and Benevenuto ignored the danger. Fortaleza regained possession of the ball and tried to make it. Robson advanced and fell in the area, but the referee ordered him to follow through. Moses also tried. The striker arrived on the right and missed the pass. Tricolor continued to establish himself in attack with Romarinho and Thiago Gallardo.

On the other hand, Gabriel Berani responded. He tried to pass to Osório, who was interrupted by Benevenuto. Marlon even had a chance, but he sent him out. Lion responded with a move by Romarinho. In the end, the attacker ended up being repelled by the defense. Rodrigoinho insisted and was wrong: he finished the match on top of the tricolor goalkeeper. Fortaleza hit the ball in the middle of the field and made it. Benevenuto Robson helped. He kicked the player the first time and opened the scoring at the Arena Pantanal in the 24th minute. Ceará’s attacking side dominated the game while Cuiaba was in little danger.

Fortaleza continued to set the pace. The team quickly counterattacked with Robson, but he shot it wide. The opponent returned with a No. 10 jersey that crossed the post. After the retreat, the host sought the long ball exercise. For the tricolor, he sent Sasha from outside the district, but Walter was resolute in giving. The group sought to increase the supremacy, taking possession of the ball and relying on the opponent’s mistakes. The hosts are still trying with Rodrigueno, but Benvenuto has stopped play. Thus, the lion kept the score from 1 to 0.

Fortaleza wins Cuiaba away from home

take photo:
Bruno Oliveira / Fortaleza EC

second period

Fortaleza started the second half at a slower pace. Behind the scoreboard, Dorado searched for space to attack. Rodriguen kicked from outside the area but Fernando Miguel kept the ball. Similarly, Pepê stopped the tricolor defense. In another move, he struck Osorio from outside the area to no avail. The team insisted on 10, which was cut by Benevenuto.

Cuiaba’s team worked in the middle of the field. Gabriel Pierani tried to go up the right flank but missed the pass. Valdivia found space to shoot from distance, but the ball passed from behind. The tricolor goalkeeper appeared again. Pirrani finished in the penalty area, but Fernando Miguel made a superb save and avoided Cuiaba’s equalizing goal. The team continued to press with Andre Luis, Pepe and Gabriel. The lion closed in reference to the departure of the match.

Dorado grabbed the ball and tried to break through the powerful Tricolor Barrier. Valdivia and Daniel Geddes risked, but to no avail. Tricolor found Cuiabá difficult to create and saw the match grow. Without marking, Pepê reached the area and attempted a header. Fernando Miguel continued without difficulty. Vojvoda’s team sought to recover from the attack and suffered from the supervision of the home team that played in pursuit of a draw. However, Liao defeated the team that left the Lantern and took a breath in the Brazilian.

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